I am Anita Goa and Welcome to my website. This is a space dedicated to life, a life involving yoga, fitness, wellness and well-being. It’s what i am interested in and what i like to share; on video or with photos and writing.

I am a yoga and fitness trainer located in London (UK) and the creator of Goa Flow.

Goa Flow is my signature style of yoga and yoga-inspired fitness practices. More about Goa Flow here.

Flow resonates with me.
When i flow i feel good and when life flows i feel even better.

I am inspired by creativity and the various ways life takes us through cycles and phases. It’s the red ‘sutra’ (thread) that flows through what i  do and what i share.

Life is interesting.

With my experience i aspire to share information that can help you feel your best and look your best anytime in life.

 I hope the content inspires you in some way. Let me know if it does via email or any of the social media links.

Love, Light & Eternal Flow
Anita Goa 🙂

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Anita teaches group yoga classes in London (UK).

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A space dedicated to yoga, fitness, wellness & lifestyle.


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