Goa Flow

Goa Flow is my signature style of yoga and yoga-inspired fitness. I teach Goa Flow in two different formats. One is a flow based yoga format designed around the phases of the moon, and the other is a dynamic flowing yoga-inspired fitness format that connects traditional yoga poses, plyometrics, strength training and aerobics into creative combinations (vinyasas) linked to ones breath.

Goa Flow is a whole-istic approach. It’s an inspired and constantly evolving method drawing from life, yoga, philosophy and fitness and is designed to get your body strong, flexible, enduring and toned while integrating the mind, the spirit and what is happening in your life; because everything is connected.

Yoga is the foundation of Goa Flow. It is not “just” a yoga practice or “just” a fitness workout; it’s a method that is thoughtfully crafted fusing the two into one.

Both formats of Goa Flow put you in positions where you organically learn about your body, mind and spirit. You learn to trust yourself. Anita ultimately aspires to inspire you to  ‘follow your own flow’ whether it’s on the mat or off the mat so you live your life to your fullest potential; whatever that means to you.

Goa Flow is about flowing with the cycles and the phases of life.
When you flow, you feel good. When life flows, you feel even better. That’s what Goa Flow is interested in. Anita loves to explore and find [new] ways to feel good in the flow.

Let’s explore together.
Together we are limitless.

Anita teaches Goa Flow yoga classes at the Life Centre in Islington, London, UK, and offers Goa Flow, both formats of yoga and ‘yoga inspired fitness’ on her YouTube channel.