Peace mantra 2 sarvesam
22 May
Peace Mantra Chant 2 // Sarvesam Svasti Bhavatu

MONDAY MANTRA MUDRA MEDITATION #8 Dear Goa Flow-er I hope this finds you well and that you are enjoying the last few Monday Mantra Mudra Meditations' with the Peace theme. Here is Peace Mantra #2; the Sarvesam Peace Mantra i love to chant in my personal practice...

Peace mantra 1 sahana
15 May
Peace Mantra Chant 1 // Saha nav avatu

MONDAY MANTRA MUDRA MEDITATION #7 Dear Goa Flow-er(s) Here is the first Peace (Shanti) Chant i use as an invocation in my yoga classes. I first learned this chant while studying at the Bihar School of Yoga in India. I love chanting these Peace mantras and my students love it...

wellbeing wednesday full moon heart to heart talk
14 May
Full Moon Heart to Heart + Changes to AnitaGoaTV on YouTube

Dear Goa Flow-er Full Moon May 10, 2017 in Scorpio brought a lot of unresolved 'stuff' to the surface for me. In this video i share what the Full Moon represents, how it can help us resolve areas of our life that might be in need...

Shanti Mantra
08 May
Peace Mantra // Peace within you. Peace around you.

Monday Mantra Mudra Meditation #6 SHANTI MANTRA “Imagine all the people living life in peace” {Imagine by John Lennon} Over the next few weeks i’ll share a couple of Peace Mantra Chants with you that i use in my classes, but before we get to them i wanted to...

Lotus mudra thumbnail
01 May
Lotus Mudra // Grow Through What You Go Through

Monday Mantra Mudra Meditation [MoMaMuMe] #6 LOTUS MUDRA Life is inexplicably beautiful, but can also feel hopelessly dark. If you discover your inner lotus flower you will always flow through life radiantly bright. Don't give up practicing because its all there within you. In this MoMaMuMe #6 i share a...

MoMaMuMe 5 Ganesha Mudra
24 Apr

Monday Mantra Mudra Meditation (MoMaMuMe) #5 GANESHA MUDRA In this MoMaMuMe #5 i offer you a Ganesha Mudra with a written meditation. Want to remove a few obstacles that you feel are in your way? Then, Ganesha is the “guy” to call in. Ganesha is the Hindu elephant God/Deity...

09 Apr

GYAN MUDRA, CHIN MUDRA & a mention of  JHANA MUDRA I will be on Easter holiday next week on Monday April 17th. The series continues on Monday April 24 Hello Goa Flow-er(s) Yoga is a practice where its ultimate goal is nothing less than higher consciousness (samadhi). Yoga...

chia pudding 3 ways thumbnail
05 Apr

  Hello Goa Flow-er(s) I am so excited to share with you my latest nutrient-rich super food chia seed puddings. I've been obsessed with chia seeds lately and have been having so much fun creating these variations. I love to make the pudding over night in small travel...

monday mantra mudra meditation the meaning of om
03 Apr
The Meaning of OM and How To Chant OM

THE MEANING OF OM AND HOW TO CHANT OM In this weeks' Monday Mantra, Mudra, Meditation #4 i  share the meaning of the mantra OM, the meaning of the symbol OM, as well as a video on how to chant OM correctly. OM or "AUM" is the first...

my wellbeing corner & altar
29 Mar
My WellBeing Corner + Altar Meditation Table

MY WELLBEING CORNER & ALTAR Hello Goa Flow-er(s) In this WellBeing Wednesday blog post and YouTube video (below) i share with you what i call my WellBeing Corner and Altar. It's not big, but it's a space that means the world to me. I believe it's important to...