11 Dec

02/2001 CBS "Gain Self Respect and lose pounds with Yoga." Anita is quoted through the whole article on how yoga can help you loose weight and find your natural body. [link]...

11 Dec
Fitness Magazine

August 1999 Fitness Magazine Anita offers a yoga asana that will stretch both upper and lower body. [read]...

11 Dec
Natural Living Today

Sept/Oct. 1998 Natural Living Today Anita offers a yoga asana that stretches many muscle groups at once. [pdf]...

11 Dec
The View

04/2001 The View April 2001. Anita went on Barbara Walter's talk show "the View" and did Yoga with Star Jones. [link]...

11 Dec
Yoga Journal

08/2001 Yoga Journal Best Practices, Inc. "Corporate Execs tell how yoga has changed the way they do business." Anita is featured in this article with 5 of her Wall Street Executive clients. [pdf]...