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I think it’s helpful to list what’s important to you in any area of life, and cookbooks are no different. If you have a few good cookbooks that serve your purpose you’ve won the lottery. There are so many cookbooks out there, but very few really good ones.

I am a book addict. I have a substantial yoga library, but i used to be a cookbook addict as well. In the YouTube video (below) i show a photo of all the cookbooks i amassed while living in NY. Cleaning up to move to London I realised i didn’t like 80% of these cookbooks so i gave them away. They were not worth keeping because i only liked a littlebit about all of them.

One day i sat down, looked at my cookbooks and meditated on what’s important to me in a cookbook? What makes for a good cookbook? And what came up was 5 essential ingredients i appreciate.

Some of my cookbooks offer all 5 ingredients, but some don’t, but by knowing what my own ingredients are makes it easier to know why you appreciate the cookbooks you have and not run to the cashier every time i see a beautiful looking cook book. The key is to not just have them, but to use them.

My 5 essential ingredients for a cookbook

  1. Fool Proof, Confidence building Recipes
  2. Offers complete meals, are healthy and tasty (vegetarian)
  3. Inspires creativity – inspires me to go beyond the recipe
  4. Easy-to-get ingredients, and offers a lot of the same ingredients in the recipes
  5. Not too time consuming but it’s ok if it’s worth it, and for special occasions

My Favourite Cook Book that i use all the time are:

A Modern Way To Eat  by Anna Jones
A Modern Way To Cook by Anna Jones
(**A food processor is needed for a lot of the recipes in A Modern Way to Eat/Cook)
The Saffron Tales by Yasmine Khan
The Modern Ayurvedic Cookbook by Amrita Sondhi
Thrive Cookbook by Brendan Brazier
American Masala by Suvir Saran

In the YouTube video i go through why i enjoy each of these cookbooks and how they relate to my 5 essential ingredients list.

I hope you enjoy this and find inspiration in it. Please share with me if you have a list for yourself, and if you don’t, maybe you can make one?

Love, Light & Happy Cooking,
Anita Goa 🙂

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