I love to meet new people. I love to eat good food. And i love to collaborate with likeminded creatives. In this video i feel so lucky, it felt like i got to tick off every single box of what i love. I love to cook myself, but being that i am the cook in the house i always cherish the times someone else cooks for me.

So it was a triple treat to be in the kitchen with Malin Nilsson of GoodEatings blog. Malin was one of the first health bloggers i met in London, and at first sight i knew i would get along with her, and not just because she is a fellow Viking.

In this video we are making, (or rather; Malin is making) a breakfast of Overnight Oats with a warm spiced plum topping. I have not been a huge fan of overnight oats, but this one was really yummy and i have since made it a few times, actually. I am always open and willing to try new things. You never know when your palate might change.

Watch the video first and get inspired. Then go ahead and make it. Recipe below.
Enjoy and please let us know how you like it.

PORTIONS: 2 portions / TIME: 5 + 10 min

1 cup oats
1 1/4 cup almond milk (or other plant milk)
1 tsp vanilla powder, optional
1 tsp cinnamon, optional
1 tsp – 1 tbsp brown rice syrup, optional

5-10 plums, depending on their size
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cardamom
1/2 tsp (or more) freshly grated ginger or powdered ginger
1-2 tbsp brown rice syrup

A few drops frying oil (like coconut- or rapeseed oil)
Mix oats, vanilla and cinnamon in a bowl. Then add almond milk, mix and let set in the fridge over night or for at least half an hour.

Halve plums and place them in a bowl with spices, grated ginger and sweetener. Then mix it all up before heating up a pan with a couple of drops oil, coconut oil or rapeseed oil will work. Place plums cut side down in the pan and cook on medium heat until the juices are leaking out, roughly 5 minutes.

Place oatmeal in a bowl or if you make it in a jar as demonstrated in the video simply leave it in there, drizzle nut butter on top as well as plums and seeds/nuts/coconut chips.

Optional toppings: nut butter, nuts, seeds, coconut chips and if not making the plums you could add fruits, berries or dried fruit as well

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