i got a request from a Goa Flow-er in her 50s to make a juice for her age group. i chose to share a simple vegetable juice for energy, vitality and glow. we all want that, right?
another benefit with this juice is that it includes ingredients that are available in every country. i hope you make it for yourself. here’s the recipe.

make sure you wash all the vegetables you are using, and try your best to use organic. if you’re not using organic, then make sure you peel all the vegetables used in this juice.
you really can’t go wrong with the proportions, just add lemon and ginger to the carrot base according to taste.

for 1 glass:
5-7 carrots depending on size
1-2 lemons
ginger according to how much spice you want.
[1/2-1 apple if you want]

juice it all.
and that’s it. ready to drink.
enjoy the energy, vitality and glow 🙂

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