this is the last video in my 3-part series with Swedish Blogger Malin Nilsson of GoodEatings. it was so much fun working with Malin and this dessert is a real treat. i hope you make it. PORTIONS: 2-3 portions / TIME: 15 min (+soaking time) 1 handful pecan...

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13 Jul Indian Summer Salad

UDDERLY DELICOUS i am a super fan of Anna Jones, author and chef of my favorite cookbook 'A Modern Way to Eat.' Anna never disappoints my palate, especially because we both share a love of indian spices and indian cuisine. i gladly share any of her...

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19 Mar welcome to my new blog

namaste! i am excited to finally have my new blog up. i will be sharing with you tutorials and videos on yoga and fitness, philosophy on life, yoga, home, food, family life and anything that inspires me in hopes that it will inspire you. i hope you...

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