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I hosted a 21 Day Challenge on my YouTube Channel; AnitaGoaTV in February 2017. This is a [long] blog post containing all the videos of the challenge with commentary/details for each of them.

I designed the challenge so you can go through each video over the course of 21 days, but you can also use each video independently according to your needs.

On AnitaGoaTV YouTube channel page you will also find a folder containing all 21 videos.

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Thanks so much. Enjoy. Have fun with it.

Love, Light & Limitless Possibilities,
Anita Goa 🙂

WEEK 1: DAYS 1-7

In week one i give you a variety of workouts to develop a daily practice. It can often be more of a mental task than a physical task to do a yoga practice daily. The mind usually gets tired before the body. I kept this in mind (pun intended) when i designed this challenge. If a workout is 15 minutes it’s not a matter of time, but a matter of whether your mind will say to do it or not. If your mind says no, your body will not do it.

Enjoy the variety and all the limitless ways to explore strength, flexibility and endurance in mind, body and spirit.


We start off with a bang on Day 1. This TOTAL BODY DETOX FLOW is 37 minutes long. If you have more time, i advise you to add on a longer shavasana.

This practice is flowy but involves zero chaturangas!! Not only did i give myself a challenge of creating 21 new videos, i challenged myself to create flows that involve no chaturangas.

This flow also involves a change of direction, which can feel confusing but once you get it you’ll be fine. Use it as a challenge.

ZERO CHATURANGAS // I want you to explore yoga as more than chaturangas and i want to invite you to explore what this might mean to you to stay away from them for 21 days, even if you don’t have wrist/shoulder issues. Notice how your body feels without it, notice what you mind says. It will be an interesting exploration for sure.

INTENTION // Set an intention for yourself for the 21 day challenge. Something that will help feed you and motivate you. Give yourself a reward for completing challenge. What will it be?.

BE LED BY YOUR BREATH // I ask you in this practice to let yourself be led by your breath rather than your mind. By focusing on your breath you focus on the moment, and the more you focus on the moment you’ll end up doing what is right for you in that moment. Sometimes our mind leads us astray. Our mind can be in the future, and it can be in the past. It can say;
“You don’t have to do that practice now.”
“You don’t have time to do that practice now.”
“You don’t have to do that practice, it looks very boring.” etc etc.

If you stay with your breath you will never be led astray 🙂

And when you stay with your breath you leave expectations behind and instead put yourself in a place of being open to what is offered and trust that it is enough. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in how we want things to be, and what we are used to doing; and therefore end up limiting ourselves in the process. Instead; try to allow things to be the way they are.

Enjoy being led by your breath, calming your mind and exploring your limitless possibilities.
Carpe Diem.

DAY 2 //

Today’s practice is what i call a Target Tone practice. We are going to target and tone the core (abs and back) but you will also feel your arms and your legs engaged as well.

It’s a 20 minute practice all on the floor and you’ll be going through exercises that will help you in your yoga practice; to give you strength and stability to support yourself. Having a strong supportive core is so important. It is also the centre for self-confidence and for action and doing what we say we want to do. If you have a challenge with ‘doing-what-you-say-you-will-do’, this can be a good area to focus in on and strengthen.

The practice finishes off with a little treat of a Crow Pose and i introduce you to the Baby Crow (so cute!). It is my aim and hope that these poses will feel easier for you to access from the core work.
Later this week we’ll integrate it all into a Goa Flow 😉

MONA LISA SMILE // I encourage you to practice keeping a little Mona Lisa smile on your face as you go through the workout. It will send positive happy hormones through your body and feed your Prana (Life Force). You are doing this because you love your body and you love yourself. This is not a punishment, but a celebration, and for that a smile is required.
Smiling gives you Prana.
Frowning, complaining, fretting robs you of Prana. It’s true. Now that i’ve put it out there, you will notice the difference.

ADD TO IT // Should it feel like this practice is not “enough” for you; add to it.
You can:
Start with Day 2 Target Tone workout and after add on Day 1 Total Body Detox Flow. Notice how it feels doing it again. If you missed yesterday, do this.
Or you can do whatever cardio routine you normally do and finish it off with todays Target Tone workout.
Also, feel free to add a Shavasana/Meditation at the end of this Target Tone workout, if you have more time.

This should prep you nicely for Day 2. Have fun and let me and the Goa Flow-ers know how it went for you under the video, in the comment box on YouTube.

DAY 3 //

With this challenge i wanted to give you workouts you could use in your own way. To mix and match.

Today’s practice is what i call a 25 minute Target Stretch practice. It’s 25 minutes and we go deep into the lower body and hips. There is no flow involved in this practice.

The hips can be tight from working out, from under-use, over-use and this area can also be tight from [emotional] stuff we hold onto. Regardless of the reason your hips might feel tight, try to breathe as best as you can.

BREATHE // Always put yourself in a position where you can breathe. Notice over time how the tightness dissolves and you find more openness and flexibility. Don’t force. Just breathe.
Soften into the tightness and allow it to dissolve.

Should something come up in the form of what might be holding you back in any area of your life, take note of it, and simply exhale, and as you do that will help you release and create openness and flexibility.
Keep that Mona Lisa smile on your face.

ADD TO IT // To make it more your own, and if it feels like this practice is not “enough” for you; please feel free to add to it.
You can:
Repeat Day 1 or Day 2 first and then follow up with Day 3 Target Stretch
Do the cardio routine you normally do and finish it off with todays Target Stretch workout.
Also add a few rounds of Sun salutations/Moon Salutations/Ocean salutations to warm up more for Day 3 practice and also add a Shavasana/Meditation at the end if you have more time.



DAY 4 //

Day 4 is when the Fitness’y workouts begin, and this one is the first in the bunch. I started my career as an aerobics and fitness instructor, i wrote and published a book in 2003 about using yoga as the foundation for a fitness program called Your Best Body Ever (McGraw-Hill).

Yoga is very good at connecting the body into a whole.
Strength training is good at target toning and strengthening each muscle group of the body.
Together they support each other.

In the Day 4 workout you will target your lower body, especially your buttocks, which is the largest muscle group on the body and very much involved in all of the standing yoga postures and a lot of the arm balances we do. Keeping the buttocks muscles strong is also essential for lower back support.
We will use weights (or dumbbells) to strengthen and tone the upper body; chest, back, shoulders, arms (biceps; front of the arm and triceps; back of the arm).

I hope you will find yourself able to engage these areas of your body in the yoga practices after doing the Target Toning workouts.
To my dear ladies of this challenge, do not worry, you will NOT bulk up. Nothing about my program is about bulking up muscles. This is all about toning, strengthening and supporting you in your yoga practice and for life.

I made this challenge Chaturanga free, to give your arms and shoulders a bit of a break and to invite you into challenging them in a different way.

WEIGHTS/DUMBBELLS // In the routine i use 2KG dumbells. I would normally change the weights within the practice but because i filmed in the YouTube Space i couldn’t take with me more than one set of weights. It simply was too much with everything else i had to take with me 🙂

It’s good to have a range of weights between 2-5KG / 5-10LBS.
We do between 12-15 repetitions, other times 20+ repetitions.
You want to fatigue your muscles, meaning you want to feel it and toward the end feel like you can’t do a single rep more. That is fatigue. This will help get you stronger and toner.

As you go through the routine you will notice, within the reps we do, what weight will be best for you. It’s hard for me to say what that will be for you, but generally:

– Chest & Back are large muscle groups which can take more weight.
Shoulders less weight, especially if your neck is tight.
Biceps can take more – the biceps muscle is an area that doesn’t get much work in yoga, compared to the triceps which we use all the time. Doing biceps curls is awesome.
– Triceps is an area which tends to be weaker and harder to isolate, especially in women, so go lighter initially, focus on form and increase weight as you are getting stronger and better able to isolate.

BREATH & FORM // I always include the breath in strength/weight training as well. 
Form (or alignment as we call it in yoga) is also essential. I guide you in where to exhale and inhale and to pay attention to your posture.
We always exhale on the contraction (the effort) and inhale on the release.

It’s a bit different to yoga in that in yoga we exhale in forward bends to release tension, and in resistance training we exhale to create tension (strength/tone).

ADD TO IT // Again, this is a day where i encourage you to add on if you need more. Notice how you feel, of course. If you are feeling tired today, “just” do the Day 4 practice. Any of the workouts so far will compliment Day 4, and particular Day 3.
Day 5 will give you a delicious upper body stretch.

I hope this prepares you a bit for Day 4 and for pumping some iron. Enjoy and let me know how it goes.

DAY 5 //

Day 5 is short and basic, but never to be underestimated. This is a great routine to do after a long day, an upper body workout; like yesterdays workout. Maybe you are feeling a bit sore today???

In this routine i include yoga positions to open your upper body and arms (including forearms). Our posture suffers from all of our smart-phoning and it’s important to take time to counter-balance the damage it does. This routine does exactly that.

And because it’s basic, you can truly slow down and luxuriate yourself in your breath. Fully inhale. Fully exhale.

When we feel stiff and rigid in our body, it’s because our fascia (muscle tissue) lacks hydration. Not because of lack of water drinking, but because of lack-of-stretching, over-work, under-work, poor posture, lack of sleep; many things.

This routine will help hydrate your upper body and help you feel soft and fluid in your movement. You might find yourself able to exhale a bit more.
Tell me if it’s true.

In the routine i use 2 yoga blocks and a strap. I am sitting on two yoga blocks but you can also sit on a chair or a step stool if you don’t have the yoga blocks.

ADD TO IT // Notice how you feel, of course. If you are feeling tired today, “just” do the Day 5 practice. Any of the workouts so far will compliment Day 5, except don’t repeat Day 4 as we don’t recommend doing the same upper body strength training exercises two days in a row (you can do the butt work, if you want to).

Prepare for Day 6 when i’ll be offering a vigorous Goa Flow. You don’t want to miss it.

Keep up the good work and see you in the comments.
Let it flow. Let it flow.

DAY 6 //

Today i have a 40 minute Total Body Goa Flow (!) connecting a lot of what you have done so far in the challenge. It is vigorous and it is very flowy. No chaturangas but it does involve some plank, up dog and down dog. Modify, with forearm plank.

Find your own flow and your own possibilities. Add extra shavasana if you have time.

Have fun!

[don’t mind my total mishap of a workout outfit. it might actually be the first time in my YouTube career. ha ha ha. i share the reason why at the end of the video.]

DAY 7 //

Congratulations; it’s Day 7, the end of week 1. What a ride it’s been. Isn’t it funny how each day doesn’t seem like a lot, but then at the end you realise; Wow, that was amazing, that was quite a lot! Be proud of yourself!!

Today i have a juicy Restorative Practice for you. Some of you will love this, some of you might feel it super challenging to do this kind of practice. For me restorative was an acquired taste. I would rather flow and move. But what i needed was to learn to relax.

Relaxation is a skill. Even though i’m a very calm person, it was hard for me to truly relax and feel content with relaxing.

So if you feel this way, don’t worry. It’s normal and you can gradually change it.
Over time.
It’s a practice.

The restorative practice is not about stretching, (not like a yin practice), it’s about being and restoring. All you need to do is put yourself in the positions and tune in to your breath. Just follow your inhales and exhales and if thoughts come, let them come and ask yourself whether you need to think about that or not? Is it giving you Prana or is it robbing you for Prana?

You don’t have to ‘erase’ your mind. It’s a practice to create some space between the thoughts, so that your thoughts don’t rob you for valuable Prana and leave you feeling exhausted just from thinking.

I guide you and then i give you space to be quiet and explore.

Give it a try. Do as much as you can. If you hate it, know it’s ok. Keep practicing.
Turn off your phone. Tune in to yourself.
Spend as much time in the quiet as you can.
It’s so important for the nervous system; which is on high alert all day long.

The more you give your nervous system a break the better it will support you in life.

From this practice you will restore your energy and fill up your Prana Account, and you will feel like the amazing human BEing you are. This is a time to renew (and rest the human DOing side of you) and in the process get stronger, more flexible and enduring for what’s to come in week 2.

The equipment you need is:
– a stool/step stool to rest your legs on,
– 2-3 blankets,
– 2 yoga blocks
a bolster (or anything equivalent like pillows or blankets),
a wall
– an eye pillow if you have it. I forgot to use my in the video, but make sure to add yours. It’s delicious.

I hope you enjoy it and give it a Go{a}

Let me know how it feels.

WEEK 2 // DAYS 8-14

Welcome to Week 2 where we will build upon Week 1 to get stronger, more flexible and enduring and bust through some more limits so you can explore your limitless possibilities. So exciting and fun!.

DAY 8 //

Today on Day 8, why limit ourselves to only being Earth bound, we can travel to Paradise.
Prepare yourself for a fun ride.

Birds Of Paradise is the peak-pose (the pose we will be working towards in this detox flow. It is a standing balancing yoga pose that requires leg and core strength, plus hip and shoulder flexibility.

Did i say balance? Yes, balance; which on the day i filmed this i barely any. I must have left it at home.

Birds of Paradise is called Svarga Dvijasana in Sanskrit.

Dvija means “twice born” and Svarga means “paradise” or “heaven.”

The aim of this asana is to experience the depth of paradise and renewal within the body.
Birds represent renewal, as they are essentially born twice, first as an egg and second as a bird.

Consider yourself lucky, to now experience Heaven on Earth.
Build your wings along the way, take off and fly as high as you want to go. The sky is the limit.


DAY 9 //

Navigating our way through life takes a certain amount of strength, flexibility and endurance. Within all of this lies a willingness and an openness. It’s like we are yogi pilots, flowing and exploring limitless destination and endless possibilities.

When we do this life becomes so rich and fluid.

Today in this Target Toning workout i introduce you to Compound movement, meaning we target several body parts in one exercise, i.e shoulders and legs, biceps and legs etc.

This takes a bit more coordination, and it also requires a bit more muscular endurance, because more muscle groups are involved. Mental note; conscious deep breathing!!

In this workout i also introduce you to working right and left side of the body independently to add more strength into the areas that might need it. We do this a lot in our yoga practice.
This will help you when we re-visit birds of paradise later in the week, and also do some more balancing yoga poses.

Don’t under estimate these 15 minutes. Compound exercises saves time, keeps it dynamic and effective.

I mentioned in Day 4 to not worry about bulking up. You will not bulk up from these workouts. This is all about toning, strengthening and supporting you in your yoga practice and for life.

As for the weights, it’s also exactly like Day 4. Use what you did in that workout, but increase or decrease depending on how Day 9 workout feels. It will be different as we are moving more and standing.

It’s good to have a range of weights between 2-5KG / 5-10LBS.
We do between 12-15 repetitions, other times 20+ repetitions.
You want to fatigue your muscles, meaning you want to feel it and toward the end feel like you can’t do a single rep more. That is fatigue. This will help get you stronger and toner.

BREATH & FORM // I guide you in where to exhale and inhale and to pay attention to your posture. We always exhale on the contraction (the effort) and inhale on the release.

ADD TO IT // Again, this is a day where i encourage you to add on if you need more. Notice how you feel, of course. If you are feeling tired today, “just” do the Day 9 practice. Add cardio if you want and add any of the Target Stretch routines from week 1 to balance it out.

Ready to pump some more iron? YEAH!!
Remember you are the yogi pilot. Enjoy exploring the compound movement flow.
Land softly. Let me know how it goes.

DAY 10 //

Day 10’s Target Stretch has a little bit of flow to it, but it’s super slow so we can go deeper. To go deeper we have to slow down. Now that you got the taste of restorative yoga and deep relaxation, use that feeling to move and flow slowly while luxuriating yourself in your breath and going deeper into your hips, the container that stores our emotions. Should “stuff” float up to the surface, exhale and let it go.

I mention in the video; the more Ego there is in our practice, meaning the more we are driven by needing the pose to be a certain way; the more warm-up we need. If we check our ego at the door and let ourselves be led by the breath then you can work your way into any pose with no warm-up. I don’t recommend no warm-up all the time, but it can be a good test to see how flexible you are and how relaxed you are without a warm-up. Keep this in mind; and test it out.

There should be no cranking yourself into positions, no forcing, no pretending it’s any different than what it is. Let it be how it is.

Feel tight? Let it be. Feel open? Let it be.

Each part of the body supports the whole. Free the container (the hips) of anything that does’t support the whole; your whole BEing.

ADD TO IT // Add on if you need more. Notice how you feel. If you are feeling tired today, “just” do the Day 10 practice. It will be plenty.
Or add cardio and the core work of Day 2 and balance it out with Day 10 practice.

Enjoy the slow deep flow of opening. 30 minutes with yourself, your hips, luxuriating in your breath and this moment.

DAY 11 //

Oh, so yummy it’s going to be for your tummy (and other areas) on Day 11 of this challenge. We are going a bit more intense and deep. Staying connected to your intention and your breath will be important. But i know you are getting a hang of this now.

The theme of strengthening and stretching each* side of the body continues in this core workout with traditional fitness exercises and asymmetrical yoga poses.

We will deepen our connection to our selves and our inner strength (and self confidence) with the forearm plank, side forearm plank and [regular] plank poses. These positions are both yoga poses and traditional fitness positions, but you know i always add a little Goa Flow magic to it.

The plank positions challenge the entire body and you might find your arms fatiguing before your abs. Or you might find your deep spinal (back) muscles fatiguing first. I always say the pose will give you what you need. Pay attention to your weakest link and as you practice allow that link to strengthen to pull it all together into a connected whole.

At the end i sneak in a Side Crow. Shhhh.
Side Crow is an asymmetrical [arm balancing] yoga pose. It involves flexibility of each side of the spine, deep core strength, arm strength and total body connection/integration. Oh and balance. Yes. A certain amount of ‘stretching the edge’ is involved; getting close to the ground to take off. You will know what i mean.

Think of your body working together as a connected unit. Draw in from your core and expand, radiate out from there to find your wings and fly. Which destination will you fly off to this time?

*We also focus on the front body and the back body too, of course

**If you have challenges with your wrists stick with Forearm plank and drop the final position of the side crow (hang out in the twist and you will strengthen your ankles/legs and work on a twist)

DAY 12 //

Day 12 upper body arm stretch is only 15 minutes, but it’s deep and sweet.
There might be positions here you’ve never done before. This routine is fantastic as a post-workout stretch, and can be done at the end of a long day. I will recommend you to add to this practice and warm-up before hand.

You can:
repeat Day 9 Target Tone as it has a great upper body warm-up and will give you an extra boost to your arms. Then stretch with Day 12. That will give you a good 30 minute workout.

You can also add on a lower body Target Stretch: either Day 3 or 10 depending on how much time you have.
Or you can start off with one of the Yoga Flows and end with Day 12 before you rest in shavasana. It’s up to you.
Now that you know how each of the previous workouts are i suggest you add on and repeat the ones you want, make it your own and notice how it feels the second time around.

Isn’t it great to have options?

I prefer you feeling it’s too little, do it and add on to it, instead of feeling its too much, overwhelmed and don’t do it. Also this gives you room for Day 13 when we will luxuriate in a 50 min Goa Flow and put a lot of this work together.

Until then, enjoy this. Be here now. Day 12.

DAY 13 //

After Day 12’s deep upper body and shoulder stretch i hope you are feeling open and ready for Day 13 and a new opportunity to re-connect with the Birds Of Paradise pose. We will take a new route toward Paradise this time around. It’s more of a flow and includes more balance.

I love creating flows and finding different ways to access the same yoga poses. Day 12 is different than Day 8, but i hope you can feel how they complement each other. Let me know how you experience it.

To recap: Birds of Paradise is called Svarga Dvijasana in Sanskrit.
Dvija means “twice born” and Svarga means “paradise” or “heaven.”
The aim of this asana is to experience the depth of paradise and the renewal within our body, mind and spirit. Birds represent renewal, as they essentially are born twice, first as an egg and second as a bird.

I’d love to hear where you feel the most renewed? In your hips? Shoulders? Somewhere else?

Does this mean you have been re-born four times this week alone? Hmmm. Mediate on that while you flow and let me know in the comments.
I wonder …

You find me in my home in this video. I had an interesting nervous system experience filming at home after having filmed so much at the YouTube Space. I share it at the end of the practice. I hope it makes sense, as i’m quite yoga drunk :-).

Enjoy the journey.

DAY 14 //

Today i order you to “do” 30 minutes of restorative yoga to fill up your Prana Account.
I know this stuff can be a bit of an acquired taste, but it’s so important and essential to balance the Nervous System.
Give it a go, and you might just find yourself craving it after a while. Your nervous system will thank you and reward you. Stress and over-work can create havoc in the body and be the cause of dis-ease.

Allow it all to come together in whichever way it needs to. Don’t underestimate all the work you’ve done. You have worked deep this week. Bravo to you!!

On the menu:
Alternate Nostril breathing is a breathing exercise (pranayama) that balances the right and left brain hemispheres, and the do-ing and be-ing side of us. It helps draw your attention IN to focus and calm you.
So beautiful to do at the end of the day. Left nostril is the Moon, right nostril is the Sun, hence we start off with the left nostril to activate the Moon (Lunar side, the calm, peaceful).

If you find your nostril to be blocks and stuffy, i love and highly recommend using a Neti Pot (“Potting”) ha ha. Here is a video i made years ago, but still holds true.

“Potting” can be beneficial for everyone, but especially for those with chronic respiratory congestion, frequent colds, sinus headaches or pressure.
Contraindications: chronic nose bleeds, nasal polyps, or a severely deviated nasal septum.
(Talk to your health care provider to make sure it’s right for you of course, if you are unsure).

Viparita Karani (Legs Up The Wall) is so calming and soothing. I do this one every evening for 20 minutes. No warm-up needed for this one. Just find a wall and do it anywhere at any time.

Pose Benefits:
• Alleviate headaches
• Boost energy
• Soothe menstrual cramps (some yoga traditions advice against doing Viparita Karani during menstruation)
• Relieve lower-back pain
• Glaucoma
• Hypertension
• Hernia

The Surfer is a restorative pose we did on Day 7. I learned it from Jillian Pransky (my restorative teacher in NY). I love to do it after Viparita Karna, especially when i have “fallen” so deep into the restoration and my back feels sedated, i find the Surfer brings it back to life in an organic way. Let me know if you find this to be true for you too.

Don’t do anything other than this practice today. If you have more time ‘to practice’ give yourself quiet time, read and try to avoid screen.

Enjoy and let me know in the comments how this felt on your body.
Getting acquired to the taste of Restorative Yoga?


WEEK 3 // DAYS 15-21 

This last week i offer a lot of Total Body Goa Flow that connect and have you practice a lot of what you’ve done during week 1 & 2. It’s a bit more of a time commitment with longer flows.

The star of the 3rd week is the yoga pose Ashtavakrasana. I tell the meaning and story of the yoga pose in this 10 minute video. It’s worth a listen and will warm your heart and enlighten you about what self-confidence is all about. Enjoy.

Listed below you will find each video thumbnail and the length of each video. Equipment is the same as previous weeks. You will find mostly Total Body Goa Flows for this week, which are complete in and of themselves, so no need to add to them. As for the Day 18 Target Tone workout you can add to it if you want. Any of the Target Core workouts you’ve done so far will be great, as well as any of the Target Stretch videos.

To quote Basquiat:
It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.

Believe in YOU.
Flow to the finish line.
I will meet you there.

Have an amazing last 7 days. Let me know how it goes.
I am sooooo proud of you for going through this challenge.

DAY 15 //
55 min. TOTAL BODY GOA FLOW; Strong Back, Flexible Spine, Open Heart


DAY 17 // 45 min. TOTAL BODY YOGA FLOW, Open Hips, Shoulders, Spine and Heart


DAY 19 // 45 min. TOTAL BODY YOGA FLOW, Hips, Shoulders, Side Crow

DAY 20 // 40 min TOTAL BODY YOGA FLOW, Abs, Hips, Shoulders, Compass Pose, Ashtavakrasana




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