Beginner Plus Practice 7

Hello Goa Flow-er // Welcome to Beginner Plus, Practice #7

The Beginner Plus series is coming to an end. I have enjoyed sharing my take on vinyasa yoga; my style, Goa Flow. The wonderful thing about Goa Flow, in my opinion, is how varied the practices are. The sky truly is truly the limit; meaning, once you’ve learned the basics, (as you have in Beginner 8 and Beginner Plus), i offer endless creative flow. So far we have saluted the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, Ourselves and a whole repertoire of yoga poses (asanas). In Practice #7 you will salute the Ocean as well, in Ocean Salutations (Samudra Namaskars).

Truly, we have only skimmed the surface. There is so much more to cover beyond the scope of this program. I have given you a good taste of how fun and endless yoga is.

Practice #7  is a 40 minute Total Body Goa Flow to open up your hamstrings, hips and shoulders. And like i said; I introduce you to the Ocean Salutations (Samudra Namaskar) and we go through more balancing poses.

Below you will find illustrations of the muscles involved in the new poses i offer in Program #7, and below you will find the video on YouTube.

Most of the Illustrations are from Leslie Kaminoff’s book Yoga Anatomy book (highly recommended). I found all the illustrations on Pinterest.

I hope you enjoy this practice. If you do give the video a thumbs up, and share a comment with me on how it’s going and how you are feeling practicing Goa Flow. I love to hear from you.

Love, Light & Eternal Flow,
Anita Goa 🙂

extended hand to big toe poseintense leg stretchbridge pose pigeon quad stretch anatomy


cows face pose arms behindcows face armsarms behind interlace

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