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Hello Goa Flow-ers

Welcome to Practice #4 where we strengthen out core.

Did you catch the rhyme? See, this is what happens, and let me know if it’s happening to you too; yoga makes you a poet, ha ha. In Goa Flow we are serious about taking our yoga lightly 🙂

Practice #4 is all about moving from our centre together with our breath. Yes, we’ve been doing this all along, but here it’s a bit different and closer to the ground. This abdominal routine has nothing to do with basic fitness crunches, (and not that i am opposed to fitness crunches at all, i think they are effective and great to do0, but i am more interested in working in a whole-istic way; training ourselves to move as a connected unit from our centre.

Let me know if you find this helps you ground and centre you more into this area of your body.

We focus on the muscles below (diagram to the left), as well as the buttocks and a little bit of psoas work (diagram to the right and below). Much more on all of this in a later post. This is just the beginning of it.

ab diagram      camel pose


In the video i ask you to mediate on what it means to you to ‘move from your core/centre?’

Let it circulate in your mind as you practice and tune in to what the answer(s) might be. I’d love to hear about it, if you care to share. Rhyming again 🙂

I hope you enjoy Practice #4. We are halfway through Beginner+. Time flies when you are having fun, and i hope you are having fun discovering all the muscles in your body as well exploring your inner environment.

Below you will find a few more illustrations of the muscles involved in some of the yoga poses, and below them you will find the YouTube video.

I found all the illustrations on Pinterest. They are a combination of, and by Leslie Kaminoff. I love these illustrations and find them so helpful to share.

Happy Practice.

Love, Light & Eternal Flow,
Anita Goa 🙂


extended side angle    forearm plank from


side forearm plank   side forearm plank rear daily

  • Cris Hawat
    Posted at 23:28h, 03 September Reply

    Fist time I see there is a blog article associated to a specific practice! I loved the anatomic images. It helps understand the moves deeply. Thank you again!

    • Anita Goa
      Posted at 09:34h, 15 October Reply

      Wonderful, Cris. Seek and you shall find, ha ha, Glad you found it 🙂

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