Beginner Plus Practice 6

Hello Goa Flow-ers

Welcome to Practice #6 of Beginner (+). This is a fun one. Not that the other ones haven’t been fun, but now it’s getting seriously fun. All in the spirit of being serious about taking it all lightly, while finding a new balancing point!.

I am introducing you to Moon Salutations #2 which has a grounding and cooling aspect to it. You might notice how this Moon Salutation #2 pulls you in (low malasana, balancing chair), in a different way and then asked you to open up (in anjanaasana). It’s the perfect foreplay for Crow Pose, where you have the same actions at play; pull in to take off, a beautiful balance of strength and surrender. This might not make sense at first, but as you practice; you’ll feel it more and more. Maybe you’ll use different words than what i do. I would love to hear what comes up.

Fun, fun and even more fun to introduce you to Bow Pose and a very deep quadriceps stretch. You might be screaming at me, but i don’t mind [i have thick skin, plus] i know it’ll be good for you 🙂

Below you’ll see the muscles involved in Crow pose, Bow Pose and the kneeling quadriceps stretch. And the YouTube video is at the bottom.

Enjoy and let me know how finding this new balancing point goes. Ready for take-off?

Love, Light & Eternal Flow,
Anita Goa 🙂



crow posebow pose


quad stretch


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