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Hello & Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Greetings to You

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is on Friday September 16th, 2016. Google exact time for your area of the world.

When it’s a Full Moon, Luna is radiating her brightness on us from the reflection of the Sun; who is directly opposite the Moon. The moon, when it is full, represents the closing of a Lunar cycle.

Full Moons bring on a lot of energy; increase of the ocean tide, mental energy can be tense; frantic. Yes, a bit lunatic’y. And emotions might run high, as well.

When a Total Lunar Eclipse happens; the direct sunlight is completely blocked by the earth’s shadow. The only light seen is refracted through the earth’s shadow. The light looks red and for that reason this Total Lunar Eclipse is called a blood moon.

planets blood moon

A Lunar Eclipse can only happen at night on Full Moon. It lasts for a few hours. The length is longer than the Solar Eclipse (two weeks ago during New Moon in Virgo) which only lasts a few minutes. This is the final eclipse of 2016.

Eclipses tend to either show major endings or new beginnings, and they can be emotionally life transforming.

To me, this eclipse feels intense but not as intense as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo two weeks ago, on September 1st, 2016. I was frantic and full of energy. For me, this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse has brought on a major ending. I feel relief after realising i had stored a lot of locked up emotions regarding September 11, 2001. Also it is bringing clarity into areas of my business that’s been completely stagnant and dry; in major need of nourishment.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces, is a sign of completeness; of allowing our parts to form a whole.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo two weeks ago pointed us to a path of healthy purpose and intention. Did you set your New Moon Intention?
This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces points us to letting go of the things interfering with our purpose and intention. It’s time to let go and say goodbye.

fish in a cage full moon

Are you ready to say goodbye to something?

Don’t be surprised if the purifier Virgo [from the New Moon Solar Eclipse] shows up to give you a deep clean, and the Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces opens the gates for deep cleaning to happen. It might get emotional. Let it. One can’t happen without the other. Get ready for a purging cycle and let the fish swim freely. Go with the flow, unless you’re a salmon and you thrive on swimming upstream 😉

Which gate/portal do you want to walk through, or shall we say; swim through? Are you swimming in or are you swimming out? Maybe you already know, or maybe it will become apparent to you during the Waning Moon Cycle (over the next two weeks until New Moon). It might be a time when you need to sleep more, do more restorative yoga, less running around/appointments, social media and more meditation to fill up your Prana (Life Force) account so you can start your new beginning fresh.

Only you will know. Listen to it and follow the cues, so you can allow all the parts of you to form a whole connected human unit. We are all works in progress, aren’t we?

 Here are some suggestions of what you can do:

1. I offer a Flourish Flow for this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. It includes moon salutation, ocean salutation, warrior 2, fish pose, boat pose, hip opening, meditation. All helpful to find balance between the water and earth element. Read more here in this blog post.
2. Focus in on your breath, withdraw your senses from the external environment to your owsleeping fish full moon in piscesn internal environment. Keep your mind clear to avoid muddying up the waters. Practice the Full Moon audio meditation; included for download in my newsletter; Goa Flow Notes of Inspiration. [Make sure you are on the list to receive the notes twice a month to download two audio full moon and new moon meditations].
3. Trust what comes up; your intuition.
4. Allow what needs to be integrated to integrate; let it unfold organically.
5. Don’t let self-doubt take over.
6. Keep your eye on the prize; [your intention and purpose].
7. Reflect and remind yourself of your New Moon Intention. (read blog post here). What has it done for you the last two weeks? What insight has it brought on?
8. What will help you flourish, if you don’t feel like you are? Or – if you feel you are flourishing, remind yourself of what is working for you; and keep it up!! Share it with me/us.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if anything resonates and if you have any questions. Enjoy the flow and the audio meditation (Included in my newsletter. If you are not on the list, sign up here.)

Enjoy the opportunity of connecting the parts into a whole.

Love, Light & Luna Magic,
Anita Goa

(Disclaimer: I found the included artwork and photos on Pinterest. How amazing aren’t the photo manipulated photos with the fish? It’s hard to find where they originally come from. I apologise in advance for not being able to give full credit for the work.)

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