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New Moon Greetings, Goa Flow-ers!

A New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo is happening on Thursday September 1st at 9.03 Universal Time. Look it up what it will be in your area.

Brace yourself; i got a bit carried away. This is a long post where i explain what this means, what you can get out of it and i also share a New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation suggestion and New Moon Goa Flows. Plus i also make suggestions on how you can create your own altar for this powerful time.

I hope you find some of this helpful. Use what resonates with you.

What does New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo mean?
It’s a new moon when the moon aligns with the sun, and [for those of you who might not be aware of it] this happens every 29 1/2 days. During this cycle¬†the moon is dark and we cannot see her in the sky. The moon cycle, or Lunar Cycle begins with the new Moon.

The only time¬†you can see the¬†new moon is during a solar eclipse, when the sun’s coronal ring (“ring of fire”) shines around the outline of the moon, because the moon is closer to the earth than it normally is. The beautiful photo above shows the “ring of fire” around the moon. I found the photo on¬†Pinterest. Solar Eclipses only happen on a New Moon.

Why is it important for you to know about this?
The Moon, or Luna is associated with our emotions, health, it is considered Feminine energy and a reflection of our soul.
The Sun, or Surya is associated with masculine energy, it is fiery and has to to do mental energy. The sun, the moon and the earth all work together and create different pulls and energies depending on where they are in relation to each other and astrological sign.

The New Moon represents a new beginning, re-newal and supports/promotes all forms of growth. A Solar Eclipse has an extra powerful energy to it affecting your emotions, since we humans are made up of about 80% water. This energy can; if you pay attention and use it; help you reach further/deeper/higher, in any area of your life that might need it.

A New Moon and New Moon Eclipse can inspire you to give up anything negative that is dragging you down, and it can make you mindful of the present to make a wish, and set an intention that can help propel you forward to where you intuitively feel you want to be.

It’s entirely up to you, of course.
You have the power to do whatever will serve you in the best way possible.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on September 1st is in the astrological sign Virgo. Even if you are not a Virgo you can be a period when situations or circumstances come up that ask you to integrate some of Virgo’s qualities.

Some Virgo Qualities are¬†‚ôćÔłŹ¬†Practically organised and mentally creative, kind, seeks results, quietly observant, critical, discriminating, likes regularity¬†{from Astrology Decoded by Sue Merlyn Farebrother}

Virgo¬†season is a good time to get organised, to clean out, to focus on harvesting. It’s a time to prepare and reap the fruits of your labour.

The last few months might have been challenging; whether it be physically, mentally, spiritually, in personal and/or professional relationships.
Reflect back on¬†all the experiences you’ve gathered. Can you see how this experience¬†has helped you grow, or has anything be in the way of your growth? What have you learned?

The increased Solar Eclipse energy might make you extra aware of what should stay and what must go.

What can or should you do?
Have you been feeling extra emotional lately? Everyone will experience this in their own way. Maybe you’ve been feeling weak, confused, down/depressed, anxious, frustrated, angry or excessively focusing on details and wanting everything to be perfect? (notice the Virgo qualities).

Blame it all on Luna stirring up the emotional watery element. It might feel challenging, but try not to push any of your feelings under the rug. Work with it. Feel it. Give it time to settle. Over time you will find clarity.

Personally i have had a hard time sleeping, which is very unlike me. I have also had the opportunity to clean out and declutter after moving house. It feels very good to feel like i am at the bottom of my paper clutter. I can see where i need to make wishes in a certain area of my life and make a clear intention to find balance in my own emotional state.

It’s always good to get grounded and tune in during this time. The earthy Virgo, as the pure Virgin, can help purify what needs purification in the area(s) of your life in need of¬†it.

For this Lunar Cycle think of where you can clean up your act in your every day life. How can you become more efficient and/or productive? Think of it as a spiritual healing of mind, body, spirit, environment, relationships.

You name what it is for you. Invite it in, start the cleaning and let of what needs letting go to create space for what should be there instead.

Here is a great Goa Flow that will help ground you, as well as centre you in to this moment.


Here is also a New Moon Meditation i made last year. If you sign up for my Goa Flow Notes of Inspiration you will get free New Moon & Full Moon Meditations twice a month and be on my list where i share stuff i don’t share elsewhere. Click here to sign up.


Meditation & Ritual

Here are some suggestions on how you can create your own personal meditation and ritual this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo.

Area Of Focus // What area of your life needs a clean-up? More productivity, efficiency? Rituals benefiting your health and well-being? What area of your life do you want to focus on this Lunar Cycle (from New Moon to Full Moon)?. Focus on one (max two) area(s).

Make A wish //¬†You can make up to 10 wishes related to your area (or two) of focus. Keep a notebook, and from now on write down your wishes, with pen on paper. Start your wish with “I want …”

I’ll share one of my wishes for this Lunar Cycle: I want to easily find myself assimilating the technical knowledge i need for optimum success in my business.

The most potent time is 8 hours after the New Moon (google what time it is where you live), but you can write them up to 48 hours after. Avoid writing in your phone.

Set An Intention // Set your intention in relation to your wish. What do you intend to focus on this Lunar Cycle? Get clear on it so you can align with your wish(es) over the next two weeks until Full Moon (another powerful one).

My intention right now is to focus on my business. 7 out of 10 of my wishes are business related.
My intention is to focus my attention on my business.

Create A Vision board // This is something you can do if you find it inspires you and helps you get more clarity in what you want to focus on. Use words and images relating to your Area of Focus and place it on your altar, or an area you look at every day to remind yourself.

Out With the Old // Burn sage incense to burn old stagnant energy, air out your space to clear the air for new energy to circulate around you.

Create an Altar // Create your own altar that represents a new beginning for you. It doesn’t have to be big. A small area of your desk, even on the floor where you meditate is fine. In the photo below i share my altar for this New Moon Solar Eclipse. This is what i put on mine (photo below):
* Candles // Usually i use black candles for new moon, but because of the solar eclipse i add white candles for the added light.
* Incense // Sage for cleansing
* Flowers // I chose sun flowers (i love sun flowers, and use them as long as i can find them)
* My note book with my wish list and my vision board
* Fruit // Any fruit you have as a form of offering. I forgot to add for this photo.
* Crystals // If you have crystals, use anything you have and integrate it, if you feel it will add value to your ritual. I am using Rose Quarts (it carries a feminine energy of compassion, self-love, healing, nourishment. And Calcite (it carries a protective, grounding and entering energy, plus it helps with cleansing me and my environment of any negative energy).

new moon solar eclipse 1 sept altar

Hand Mudra // I love to use Atmanjali Mudra for New Moon.

atmanjali mudra

Anjali is Sanskrit for “divine offering”, “a gesture of reverence”, “salutation”, and is derived from anj, meaning “to honour or celebrate.” Mudra means “seal” or “sign”. Atman, meaning “self,” or “Individual Soul.” The meaning of this mudra is basically a salutation to your inner self, your soul. ¬†Luna is a reflection of what your soul desires and by placing the hands together the mudra helps connects the right and the left brain hemispheres and draws you into your heart, so you can hear what your soul desires.

Atmanjali Mudra is similar to Anjali Mudra, or Namaste, but the difference is; in Atmanjali Mudra there is a space between the hands. I love this as a symbol of the possibility of what you would like to fill your space with for the new Lunar Cycle, or what would you like to clean up to create space?

It’s a mudra of immense possibility to me.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation // ¬†It’s super important to tune in to yourself so you’re not left without what is already yours but that you might be blocking yourself from. Often times we are the biggest obstacle in our own way. Take as much time as you have and create a space of calm and quiet.

Pausing will help you tune into your intuition and become clear of what you need to focus on and what your intention needs to be this Lunar Cycle.

If you sign up for my Goa Flow Notes of Inspiration¬†i’ll be offering¬†two free Moon Meditations a month (A New moon and a Full Moon). I hope to get this going in two week for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

The video below offers an explanation of what the New Moon is first and then a new moon meditation with the above mudra; (halfway through the video). You can follow it, or use it as inspiration.

Wax With It¬†// The Phase from the New Moon to the Full Moon (a two week period) is called the Waxing Moon Phase. The energy builds gradually. If you feel low energy now, notice your energy levels building within this phase. Maybe you didn’t feel a huge epiphany during the New Moon, maybe it felt confusing? Maybe clarity will come later, for Full Moon? Just breathe and believe. Do your work. Keep wishing. Keep breathing, believing, repeating your intention and the labour of your fruits will be for harvest.

Keep filling the space with what you want to be surrounded with. Inhale what you need. Exhale what you don’t need anymore.

All the best to you. May the New Moon Solar Eclipse work its magic on you in the way that serves you in the best way.

Love, Light & Moon Magic,
Anita Goa ūüôā

  • Kristina
    Posted at 17:08h, 01 September Reply

    Dear Anita, thank you for the effort you put into always explaining from the basics. I follow you and listen about Moon phases.. I have been doing your flows conncted with Moon phases, but funny, today for the first time I actually sat and took a paper and pen and read and wrote with understanind. So, not just reading information but also taking it to practice. I do have a question, however – I am not sure how to differ making a wish from setting an intention. If my wish is to show up to the yoga mat every day for at least 10 minutes, what is my intention then? Thank you, Kristina :*

    • Anita Goa
      Posted at 19:38h, 01 September Reply

      How fantastic, Kristina. I love to hear this!
      Great question. I added to the wish and intention section by clearing it up and adding an example of my own intention and one of my 10 wishes in relation to the intention. I hope it adds clarity.
      Next new moon i’ll be clearer about this, if you would find it helpful?
      New Moon Solar Eclipse blessings to you. MAY ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE. xoxo

  • Kristina
    Posted at 20:46h, 01 September Reply

    It clarifies, thank you! Examples always do the magic ūüôā Wishing you a lot of techno luck!

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