RENEW FLOW new moon sept 30 2016

Namaste & New Moon Greeting to you Dear Goa Flow-er

A new Lunar Cycle is upon us. It’s New Moon today, Friday September 30th, 2016. Time flies. Didn’t we just set our intention? Now we get a chance to do it again. I love this opportunity to renew every single month. Actually double opportunity this month. Did you notice? Two new moons this September!

Typically there is one new moon and one full moon in a month, but this month we have two new moons and that is called a Black Moon. Well, actually, it depends on what time zone you live in. The Black Moon will officially take place by 8:11 p.m. Eastern Time, 5:11 p.m. Pacific Time in the Western Hemisphere. Those in the Eastern Hemisphere, like Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe, the Black Moon will occur right after midnight on Oct. 1st, which then technically will be the first new moon in the October calendar month.

The Wiccans, believe the Black Moon is considered to be a special time when any rituals, spells, or other workings are considered to be more powerful and effective. I believe it. It can’t hurt. So set yourself a super Prana-fied (energetic) intention this New Moon.

Where are you in need of a Renewal? What part of your life needs an extra breath of fresh air in it? LIBRA HEART AND HEADAsk yourself and see what comes up as you practice my Renew Flow (posted below).

This new moon is in Libra and  about balance, relationships, love. I always believe in focusing on the relationship you have to yourself first and foremost; because all relationship emanate from you and your energy.

Enjoying your own company and having a good relationship with yourself and self-love is a must.

We are human beings of energy and emotion. Energy is a spiritual life force yoga called Prana. This life force constantly feeds and nourishes us. Our energy and our emotions are always affected by our thoughts, actions, experiences and environment.

We have the power to change what we can change and attract what we need in exchange. We can renew areas of our life in need of renewal. It’s super important, so you live a life with Prana, a life filled with Life Force.

Take it seriously.
If you operate from an intention it’s easy to know what action you need to put into it on a daily basis to manifest your goals and dreams.

Below you will find some suggestions on how you can create your own personal meditation and ritual this New Moon in Libra.

black moon

Meditation & Ritual

Here are some suggestions on how you can create your own personal meditation and ritual this New Moon in Libra.

Area Of Focus // What area of your life needs renewal? Think of rituals that will benefit your energy level, your relationship to your self and people in your life. Focus on one (max two) area(s).

Make A wish // You can make up to 10 wishes related to your area (or two) of focus. Keep a notebook, and from now on write down your wishes, with pen on paper. Start your wish with “I want …”
I’ll share one of my wishes for a previous Lunar Cycle: I want to easily find myself assimilating the technical knowledge i need for optimum success in my business.

The most potent time is 8 hours after the New Moon (google what time it is where you live), but you can write them up to 48 hours after. Avoid writing in your phone.

Set An Intention // Set your intention in relation to your wish. What do you intend to focus on this Lunar Cycle? Get clear on it so you can align with your wish(es) over the next two weeks until Full Moon.
At the moment my intention is to focus on my business relationships. 7 out of 10 of my wishes are business related.

Create A Vision board // This is something you can do if you find it inspires you and helps you get more clarity in what you want to focus on. Use words and images relating to your Area of Focus and place it on your altar, or an area you look at every day to remind yourself.

Out With the Old // Burn sage incense to burn old stagnant energy, air out your space to clear the air for new energy to circulate around you.

Create an Altar // Create your own altar that represents a new beginning for you. It doesn’t have to be big.
* Candles // Usually i use black candles for new moon.
* Incense // Sage for cleansing
* Flowers // I chose what you like or make it seasonal.
* My note book with my wish list and my vision board
* Fruit // Any fruit you have as a form of offering. I forgot to add for this photo.
* Crystals // If you have crystals, use anything you have and integrate it, if you feel it will add value to your ritual. I am using Rose Quarts (it carries a feminine energy of compassion, self-love, healing, nourishment. And Calcite (it carries a protective, grounding and entering energy, plus it helps with cleansing me and my environment of any negative energy).

Hand Mudra // I love to use Atmanjali Mudra for New Moon.

atmanjali mudra

Anjali is Sanskrit for “divine offering”, “a gesture of reverence”, “salutation”, and is derived from anj, meaning “to honour or celebrate.” Mudra means “seal” or “sign”. Atman, meaning “self,” or “Individual Soul.” The meaning of this mudra is basically a salutation to your inner self, your soul.  Luna is a reflection of what your soul desires and by placing the hands together the mudra helps connects the right and the left brain hemispheres and draws you into your heart, so you can hear what your soul desires.
Atmanjali Mudra is similar to Anjali Mudra, or Namaste, but the difference is; in Atmanjali Mudra there is a space between the hands. I love this as a symbol of the possibility of what you would like to fill your space with for the new Lunar Cycle, or what would you like to clean up to create space?
It’s a mudra of immense possibility to me.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Meditation //  It’s super important to tune in to yourself so you’re not left without what is already yours but that you might be blocking yourself from. Often times we are the biggest obstacle in our own way. Take as much time as you have and create a space of calm and quiet.
Pausing will help you tune into your intuition and become clear of what you need to focus on and what your intention needs to be this Lunar Cycle.
If you sign up for my Goa Flow Notes of Inspiration where i offer two free Moon Meditations a month (A New moon and a Full Moon).

Wax With It // The Phase from the New Moon to the Full Moon (a two week period) is called the Waxing Moon Phase. The energy builds gradually. If you feel low energy now, notice your energy levels building within this phase. Do your work. Keep wishing. Keep breathing, believing, repeating your intention and the labour of your fruits will be for harvest.
Keep filling the space with what you want to be surrounded with.

Inhale what you need.
Exhale what you don’t need anymore.

All the best to you. May the New Moon and the Waxing Lunar Phase work its magic on you in the way that serves you in the best way.

Love, Light & Moon Magic,

Anita Goa 🙂

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