FULL [SUPER] MOON on Saturday August 29th 2015

FULL MOON :: full moon is the closing of a cycle. the moon (Luna) is full and she will gradually empty (wane) her way back to a new moon in two weeks. full moon means a lot of things to me and it has different meaning depending on how i feel and what i’m going through. the full moon always brings on powerful emotions and transformation.

the recent months the full moon has meant fullness to me. like a full cup or feeling full of what i want in my life and feeling full of who i want to be in this world.

it’s all to do with what i (you!) need to believe about myself to live my best life.
i challenge you to ask yourself: what does fullness mean to me? what do i need to be more full of? think about it.

and whatever that is to you; FILL YOURSELF UP WITH IT & BE FULL OF YOURSELF.

does that feel narcissistic? it’s called healthy narcissism and it’s both good and healthy for you. actually, i’ll argue it’s essential because healthy narcissism is about BELIEVING in yourself and your dream(s). people who don’t believe in themselves don’t manifest their dreams.

this is what the full moon is about to me. it’s about believing in yourself and filling yourself up with whatever you need to manifest whatever dream you have inside yourself. be full of yourself. and if that makes you feel uncomfortable then you got some work to do.

what can you do? practice the full moon mudra!

FULL MOON MUNDRA (first photo left) :: you can practice this Mudra facing Luna (if that’s not possible, no worries) visualize filling yourself up with what you need. sit for as long as you can. breathe long full complete inhales and exhales. inhale what you need. exhale what you need to release.

look up at the sky and see the full Luna filled with all her glory shining super bright. take advantage of this powerful energy. if she can do it; so can you (we!) !

DREAMS & NIGHTMARES :: this full moon energy brought on a very uncomfortable dream for me last night. the dream was a nightmare about one of my biggest nightmares; something i have feared a lot. i was rattled when i woke up this morning, but i knew it was true and that Luna had shone her light on a fear that is holding me back and now is the time to move beyond this fear.

here’s something i truly believe: if you don’t shine light on what’s holding you back, the moon will do it for you. the moon is a reflection of our soul. and the soul knows what it came here to do. it’s important to trust and follow the flow of Luna. the more you trust her the better off you will be. she will always lead you in the right direction.

all the best and may the next few months be a period of beautiful transformation.
a 🙂

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