If you want to become a yoga teacher there’s certain things you need to be aware of. In this video i share my tips and also answer some questions i have been asked a lot, like:
1. Do you need a teacher training certificate to teach Yoga?
2. How do you find the right style of yoga for you?
3. How do you choose the right yoga teacher training for you?
4. Is Online Yoga Teacher Trainings ok?
5. Is Yoga Alliance important?

RE: YOGA ALLIANCE. i honestly am not that positive about the Yoga Alliance (YA) as you will see in the video BUT the ONE GOOD THING they do provide is a STANDARD for yoga teacher trainings (that are recognized by them). If you go through a yoga teacher training that is recognized by the YA they will have been approved to a certain standard. sorry i forgot to mention this in the video. but that is a really good thing about the YA 🙂

I hope you learn something from this video. Please let me know by leaving a comment below. Ask me other questions i did not address in this video. Want me to cover other teacher related issues? Let me know that too.
Namaste, A 🙂

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