I am Anita Goa, a yoga and fitness trainer.


My signature style is Goa Flow, which is about flowing to the phases of life and evolving with age and within our mind/body/spirit.


Depending on need; we use breathing, chanting, contemplation, active/restorative yoga and fitness to support our wellBEing.


I am located in London, England, but teach world wide. Scroll down to explore my online studio, YouTube channel, blog, social media links and ways to stay in touch with me.


I hope the content i provide can inspire and support you in whichever phase of life you find yourself to be in.


Eternal Flow,



Anita Goa

Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon


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Anita Goa Studio (online)

Anita Goa’s Online Studio is open and home to the various formats of Goa Flow. The studio offers ‘live’ online classes, on-demand bundles and membership (late October 2021).

Clicking the button below will take you directly to the studio.

Goa {yoga} Flow

Goa {inner} Flow

Goa {fit} Flow

Goa {phases} Flow

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Goa Flow; Yoga For Menopause

October is World Menopause Awareness Month. Anita is hosting a free Yoga For World Menopause Day on Sunday Oct 17th at 3pm BST to raise awareness of peri/menopause and the benefits of yoga for this phase of life.

Learn more and book your spot by clicking the Yoga For World Menopause button.

Studio Yoga For World Menopause Day


Anita has shared hundreds of videos on YouTube over the years. If you are unfamiliar with her teaching style, check out her library of free videos to learn more and get easy access to her teaching style.



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