I am Anita Goa.

Welcome to my website. This is a space dedicated to a life including yoga, fitness, wellness and well-being. It’s what i am interested in and what i like to share; on video or with  writing.

I am a yoga and fitness trainer located in London (UK) and the creator of Goa Flow.

Flow resonates with me.
When i flow i feel good and when life flows i feel even better.

I aspire to share information that can help you feel your best and look your best in all phases of life.

 I hope the content inspires you in some way. Let me know.

Love, Light & Eternal Flow
Anita Goa 🙂

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Anita teaches group yoga classes in London (UK).

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A space dedicated to yoga, fitness, wellness & lifestyle.


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I was diagnosed with a herniated L4 disk and mild spinal stenosis late January 2020. I had been experiencing hip pain and weakness in my left leg/buttock off and on for some time, plus trouble balancing in yoga positions. I dismissed it all to middle......

My personal yoga practice has always been about doing the inner work, because i believe if i don’t feel good about myself as a human and a teacher then i can’t fully be of support and hold space for the students i teach and the......

The Gāyatrī mantra, (also known as Sāvitri mantra) uses the Sun to illuminate body, mind and soul. This chant focuses our senses, strengthens our intellect, understanding and life force to nourish ourselves and support others and the Earth during challenging coronavirus times like now.  Namaste......

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