Goa Flow

Goa Flow is Anita’s signature style. It’s a constantly evolving method that draws inspiration from life phases, moon phases, yoga, fitness and philosophy.


Over the years various formats of Goa Flow has evolved because Anita believes in infinite possibilities of way to wellBEing in mind, body and spirit:


Goa {yoga} Flow involves dynamic yoga flow, creative sequencing, breath driven asana movement, mantra, mudra, pranayama, specific themes, yoga philosophy


Goa {inner} Flow has a focus in restorative yoga, pranayama, meditation and contemplation practices


Goa {fit} Flow fuses yoga asana and fitness into (what Anita has called for a decade) ‘yoga inspired fitness.’ In these practices she offers her most effective sequencing of yoga asana and fitness exercises to keep body/mind/spirit fit at any age. The sequencing and intention for Goa {fit} Flow is different than Goa {yoga} Flow.


Goa {moon phase} Flow is first of its kind moon phase yoga practice. You are taken through specific practices of yoga, fitness and wellBEing within the 8 phases of the moon. This practice series compliments Anita’s upcoming book Moon Phase Yoga (working title).