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In this video I share the highlights of what I do every morning to fuel my body, mind, skin and soul to help me seize the day.

I take self care very seriously and a supportive morning routine is a big part of my self care and how i fuel myself for a productive and joyful day.
A lot of my Goa Flow-ers (my subscribers on YouTube) have been asking me to share what my morning routine is. The video i share above highlights what i do.
I am a householder (a wife, mother and someone who works inside and outside our home) and my routine has changed over the years. Our son, Lars is now 10 years old and this age gives me more time to myself compared to when he was 2 yrs old.

I think this is important to mention because maybe you are a mother of a 2 year old and you see my routine and think: “I can’t possibly get all of that done in the morning.”
You are right, and neither did i at that stage of motherhood. I basically did this in the evenings when my son was younger because i found myself having more time in the evenings after he went to bed.

The key is to find a morning routine:
– that works for you
– that fuels your intention
– that sustains you and on that you can sustain. It shouldn’t feel overwhelming.
– that feeds you, meaning it should make you feel good and excited.

I love my routine, i am excited every morning that i get to do it because it makes me feel so good. I step out of the house as my best Self and i feel like i am putting my best face forward.

I love hearing from you.
Please share what inspired you and what you do for yourself in the morning. How do you fuel YOU?

Love, Light & Good Morning,
Anita Goa 🙏💕✨



Note: my skin is combination, dry, mature (I am 48) 🙏💗


Cleansing milk // Lait E.V by Biologique Recherche (I only use it in the mornings)

// Pore purifying steaming mask by Caolin (the red one)

Lip Balm // Reve de Miel by Nuxe

Eye cream 
// Anti wrinkle firming and lifting by Korea Black Pine range

Serum //Brightening and line smoothing serum by Korres  Wild rose range

Moisturizer // Hydraphase Intense spf 20 by La Roche-Posay
Skin tint // Effaclar Duo(+) Tint in Light by La Roche-Posay

Eyebrow // Boy brow in Brown by Glossier
Mascara // Lily Lola Black colour

Blush // Blush palette by elf
Brush by Bobbie Brown



Hair Protection // Brilliant Damage control by Aveda (protects hair from curling wand)
Hair Spray // Voluminous spray by Rahua (not super voluminous but I love this spray. It smells good, is earth friendly and does the trick for me).



Frozen blueberries
Frozen Cherries (6)
Frozen spinach
Almond milk
1 tsp of each:
Flax nut mix, Ashwagandha, Acai powder

Blend in blender.


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