For the longest time i’ve wanted to make a t-shirt; my husband reminded me it’s been as long as i’ve known him, and that is for 16 years!! The reason it never manifested, i think is because i didn’t really know what to put ON the t-shirt. I thought for a while “Follow Your Own Flow” as that has always been my motto and philosophy, but somehow it didn’t feel “right enough.”

As my YouTube channel grew and i got more subscribers; it didn’t feel right to me to call my subscribers; ‘followers’ or ’fans’ so i set out to come up with a name. I asked my subscribers to help me find a name, and out of what felt like a collective effort ’Goa Flow-er’ was born; and the name felt right, since my yoga style is called Goa Flow.

My philosophy as a teacher has always been to ‘aspire to inspire,’ because to me it’s important my students ‘follow their own flow’ and especially their own flow off the yoga mat. If i can inspire someone to figure out what they need to do in their life by sharing what i do in mine; that’s inspiring to me, and the whole purpose of yoga. Find your own flow, so you can follow your own flow is what it’s about to me. So, i guess ‘Follow Your Own Flow’ is on the t-shirt in a way; because the definition of Goa Flow-er is pretty unique.

This signature GOA FLOW-er t-shirt is only the beginning of what’s to come. I hope you like it, will support it and wear it proudly.

Never give up on manifesting a dream. Sometimes it takes time, but i truly believe that when the time is ripe it will happen. This t-shirt is proof 🙂

Please share a photo of yourself wearing the t-shirt, use hashtag #GoaFLOWer or #GoaFLOWerTshirt on any social media outlet you use.
These are the ones i use:
Instagram: @anitagoa
Twitter: @anitagoa
Facebook: /anitagoatv

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