Autumn is upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere. In this blog post i share 8 ways to feeling well in your BEing this autumn. If you rather watch me share this information feel free to tune in to the YouTube video below.

I love to incorporate the wisdom of yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda into my daily routine, and adjust according to the season.. 

According to this holistic healing system. Vata tends to increase in the fall. Vata is ruled by the elements of air & ether. Think wind which is movement, and just  like the leaves getting dry, brittle, and the temperature dropping and fluctuating; the wind picks up speed. 

These changes affect our body-mind. 

Vata’s qualities are cold, dry, light, mobile and erratic. 

Here are the 8 Ways that can support you in grounding and staying well in your being this autumn:


According to Ayurveda; early autumn is mid September to Late October and is a transitional stage. Eating fresh apples and pears is recommended, because they help to “dry out” excess Pitta from the summer. Pitta is heat, and the elements are fire and water). 

The belief is that without sufficiently drying out Pitta, imbalance can occur and contribute to too much mucus production. 

Green and tart apples are best. 

Also fruit gives fibers which is very good and important for our gut, digestion. 

Late Fall (so late October) is when the vata dosha is more pronounced and it’s important to balance the vata with foods and fluids that promote warmth, moisture, and are grounding. 

Like they say; an apple a day keeps the doctor away … 🙂


Yes, stress is inevitable, and it’s not about erasing stress, but maybe more about how we manage it, and perhaps seeing where we can simplify life and perhaps get a bit more organised. It’s different for each and every one of us. What makes me feel stressed might not make you feel stressed, and we all have various tolerances for it.

I read a book recently called “4000 weeks: Time and how to use it” by Oliver Burkman. He talks about the detriment of living in a society that is obsessed with constant productivity, optimising, crossing off the to-do list and working at having an inbox that is zero. 

The problem is, it it never ends. 

Oliver argues that in order to fully inhabit life, you have to refrain from using every spare hour for personal growth, and do at least a little of what you care about now, instead of banking on finding time for it in the future.  

I couldn’t agree more. Take a look at the book. It might give you a new perspective and support you in reducing stress in your life.   

But simply put; Reflect on where you can simplify and organise in a way that reduces stress in your life to support your VATA. 


To build on that previous point. It’s about creating a routine that keeps your mind, body and spirit in balance. Perhaps you can reflect back to last autumn. Do you remember how you felt? Note what worked for you, and what didn’t work, and adjust your routine accordingly. 

It doesn’t have to be a huge big routine. Keep it simple.

Refrain (as much as possible) from rushing in the morning. 

And try to gradually unwind in the evening.

What you do the night before has a big effect on how the morning goes. 

And in the middle of the day try to pause for lunch, consciously eat, chew your food, take in the surroundings, spend as little time on social media as possible. 

Notice what gives you energy. Notice what drains you of energy. And make time to do what nourishes and grounds you.  


If you think about that tree blowing in the wind, it can – when it’s too much – feel destabilising. The same with our yoga practice. Slow it all down a notch.

Practice nourishing and grounding practices and avoid anything that feels depleting and destabilising for VATA to reduce stress and boost immunity. Less fast moving flows, hold positions longer, engage in yin, restorative yoga, pranayama and spend a good 20 minutes in savasana final relaxation pose. 

I have put together a special autumn yoga playlist to support you. You can check it out here.  


If you don’t have one already, i highly recommend getting a neti pot and non-iodized salt and start doing some nasal irrigation. 

It can prevent and treat colds by flushing out dust, bacteria and excess mucus. 

You can mix ¼ teaspoon of non-iodized salt into one cup of filtered, distilled of pre-boiled warm water into the netipot. 

I have a tutorial i made a while back that you can check out here

It feels a bit weird initially, but when you get used to it your nose is going to feel so clean and it will be easier to breathe as well. 


Alternate nostril breathing or nadi shodhana is a pranayama, breathing technique that supports balancing our nervous system. It has many benefits for our mind and body. It can reduce stress, calm the mind, and clear the mind.  

Using deep breathing like nadi shodhana can engage different parts of the brain and can make us more aware and support us in managing our emotions and lower fear and anxiety.

Overall this type of breathing can be supportive in reducing excess vata and together with the neti pot prevent mucus forming and congestion. 

I also have a tutorial on nadi shodhana which you can check out here


One of my favourite things to do is abhyanga – ayurvedic massage – which involves massaging oil all over your body and letting it stay on for 15 min  (this is when you can do the neti and nadi shodhana). It is both hydrating and grounding.  

I use a specific Vata oil. I also do dry brushing and use a few devices that help with keeping the circulation going and drain lymph. 

When i have more time i spend more time on it, when i have less time, i spend less time, but overall i do this regularly, if not every day, every other day.


And of course …. last but not least … Sleep … We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep.  I am grateful – knock on wood – that i don’t have problems sleeping – but if you do have trouble sleeping, the tips i’ve given here might be able to ground your energy and de-stress to support you in getting a good night’s sleep. I wish that for you. 

There is so much more that could be said about this, but I hope this inspires and supports in some way. Follow your own inner knowing and practice feeling and finding what supports your Autumn wellbeing . 

Let me know in the comments if this inspired you in any way. Let me know what works for you and if you have any questions.

Sending you a big virtual grounding and nurturing hug from London (England) to your Autumn wellBEing. 


Anita Goa

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