21 Day Challenge


i had to improvise the abs workout since i don’t have a stability ball right now. my stability ball is somewhere among our furniture sailing across the sea between New York and London.
no big deal, i improvised!

i used the TRX as well as towels for the plank knee pull-ins/pikes/obliques. worked out so well. {i’m going to have to make a video using these tools}.

for me life is about improvisation. the better you are at improvising, the more flexibility you create in your life. and the fun thing about allowing yourself to improvise is that you learn something new and it opens you up to new ways of doing the same exercise. i did the plank knee pull-in/pike/oblique rotation i do on the ball but with the TRX and towels under my feet. by using different tools with the same exercises i worked my muscles in a different way. fun!

and i can feel it! my muscles were challenged in a different way; and my mind opened to infinite possibilities.

let me know how you improvise and the last time you did it.

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