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It was so much fun to teach the Moon Phase Yoga Workshop at The Life Centre in Angel, Islington in London on Saturday September 13th 2015. It was the first time i had presented my Moon Phase Yoga material in a workshop setting and i learned a lot from “airing it out” in public. Now i am even more inspired and motivated to continue on with my Moon Phase Yoga book and complete it this year.

I was so surprised and thrilled to open my Facebook account this afternoon to see a workshop attendee had reviewed the workshop and it was posted on The Life Centre’s Facebook page.
But here it is. Enjoy and hope to see you in a future workshop 🙂

“On Saturday I attended Anita Goa’s Moon Phase Workshop. Anita took us through a practical explanation on what each moon phase means, and how that relates to our physical body and energy levels.

This was the first time since I started my yoga practice over thirteen years ago that someone took me through a very sensible way to approach my practice, intentions and energy throughout the lunar month. We are 70% made up of water, just like the earth is made of 70% ocean. The moon can indeed change the ocean tides and so it makes sense that it can influence the tides in our body.

Anita explained that during the various phases of the moon, our bodies respond in corresponding ways. We went into further detail to discuss which phases are good for certain kind of intentions, and which ones are better suited for vigorous sequences, or when it is better to work on restorative sequences. Hatha yoga can be broken down into “Ha” – which means sun and “Tha” – which means moon. This translates back to even our breath, in the right and left nostril. Out left nostril indicates the moon and our right nostril, the sun.

During the waxing lunar phase the moon is growing, and it is therefor a good time to increase the strength of our practice, and perhaps set intentions of what we’d like to fill our life with. During the waning lunar phase the moon moves from the bright light of the full moon to the darkness of the new moon. This phase works better for restoring the body, and for the intention of letting go. It is of no use to keep pushing our practice and our energy levels and physical body during the waning lunar phase.

If we want to be in a balanced flow, we need to take the lunar phase into account and adjust our practice accordingly. The workshop progressed and we each had some time to reflect and write down our intentions. Intentions set, Anita took us through an appropriate Chandra Namaskar to salute the moon in this current new moon phase. I really enjoyed the sequence, it flowed perfectly with the supporting energies of the moon and nature.

Anita will be publishing a book on the lunar passes and yoga practice soon, I can’t wait till it’s out as it will be the perfect companion for a balancing practice that makes sense throughout all the lunar phases. What a lovely afternoon spent immersing ourselves into the deeper meaning of the elements and how we can adapt our practice to best serve us so that we can indeed be in tune with our bodies, intentions, emotions and nature.
Thank you Anita! Makes perfect sense!”

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