Yoga Inspired Fitness Core Abs Yoga Flow series



This is a series that includes 8 videos; 4 core abs ‘yoga inspired fitness’ practices and 4 core yoga flow practices as i teach it in my own Goa Flow style. I designed the practices so that they build upon each other.

I was going to offer these as a ‘get back in shape after baby,’ as this is what i did to get back in shape after i had my baby boy, Lars. But upon thinking more about it i realised, i had Lars 12 years ago, i didn’t have diastasis recti and i would need to address so much more in order to offer it as a complete post-natal series and i wasn’t interested in doing that (as it’s not my expertise).

Instead of letting these 8 videos collect dust, i thought i offer it as a yoga inspired fitness beginner series. Beginner could be; if you haven’t done much core work before, or perhaps you’ve been away from exercise/yoga for a while and need a series to get you back into the swing of it again.

I am proud of these videos, they are solid practices, manageable in terms of duration and the movements are not fast. Series don’t work very well on YouTube but i decided to share it anyway and hoping someone can find value in them.

This is not a series to develop six-pack abs. It’s about connecting in to your mid-section, notice how you engage and move from this area in your yoga and fitness practice.  If you go through all 4 core videos and perhaps all 4 core yoga flows you’ll have a foundation to build on.

Use the practices/videos as you see fit.
You can do a core abs practice on its own or combine it with a core flow practice. Or you can alternate between them on different days.

I would suggest you start from practice #1 and work your way through them. Repeat each for as long as you feel you get something out of it.

I don’t have any rules for how you “should” do it. I rather encourage you to follow your own intuition and do what feels right for you. If you have any questions, let me know.

Much love from my core to your core,
Anita Goa 🙏💝

{ You can find the videos, (as 2 videos per week are published) in this folder on my YouTube channel}.


PRACTICE #1 Yoga Inspired Fitness Connect To Your Core Abs 

A 20 minute practice to connect in to your core abs via breath and gentle movements. I take you through an exercise to engage the pelvic floor and deep ab muscles. We end with relaxation.

PRACTICE #1 Core Yoga Flow Total Body Movement, Hamstring Opening 

A 21 minute practice that is gentle with slow transitions. We go through a half sun saluation, do some hamstring, psoas, front and side body stretching. All movement is with a connection to your core.

PRACTICE #2 Yoga Inspired Fitness Core Abs, Side body, Obliques, Butt, Back strength

I take you through a 18 minute routine that helps you deepen breath, pelvic floor and deep abs connection.

PRACTICE #2 Core Yoga Flow, Total Body Flexibility, Side body lengthening 

I take you through a 24 minute yoga flow that strengthens legs and stretches your side body and quadriceps (front of thighs)

PRACTICE #3 Yoga Inspired Core Abs, Energy Up
(will publish on YouTube Monday Jan 6th, 2020)

In this 17 minute practice we begin with kapalabhati breathing which involves sharp exhalations and passive inhalations. All we’ve worked with on “isolating” your lower abs and breathing with contracting and releasing will come in handy now. Here is a tutorial i did on kapalabhati breathing. Check it out if you need more instruction.

PRACTICE #3 Core Yoga Flow, Balance, Total Body Flexibility 
(will publish on YouTube Monday Jan 6th, 2020)

In this 28 minute practice we continue practicing kapalabhati breathing from core ab practice #3 and work on lengthening our breath. Also in this practice we add on standing yoga poses.

PRACTICE #4 Yoga Inspired Fitness Core Abs, Total Body Toning  
(will publish on YouTube Monday Jan 13th, 2020)

In this 16 min practice i take you through exercises that have you engage from your core while also working your buttocks and arm muscles. All of your hard work so far is paying off. Can you feel it?

PRACTICE #4 Core Yoga Flow Total Body Strength, Balance, Flexibility
(will publish on YouTube Monday Jan 13th, 2020)

In this 23 minute practice we put everything you’ve learned in this series together and take you through a total body yoga flow, meaning you are moving from your core while working your whole body as a connected unit. Feels amazing doesn’t it?

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