Have you felt a lot of unravelling happening within you in recent months? Surely true for me. A lot has been unravelling for me the last year actually. Hopefully this is the end, and a beautiful new beginning is about to begin. I believe it is.

On Sunday September 28th we have a Harvest Moon, a Super Moon, and a Blood Moon Eclipse. This is a series of four that began back in 2014 (do you remember?)

Lunar Eclipses aren’t so rare, but to have four Blood Moon Eclipses is very rare and something that has not happened since 1967.

Usually these come with powerful changes. Some believe this means the end of the world (we’ve heard that before, right?). I don’t think it’s the end of the world, but certainly for me it feels like it’s the end of a lot of things in my life. It feel like i’m done. Done. And all for good reason, all to shine more light on what needs to continue to forward on the path.

I talk a little bit about this in the video above. I also share a Full Moon Meditation.

The Full Moon Fill-Your-Cup Elixir Meditation is to help you fill yourself up with what you need. This has been tremendously helpful to me.
The breathing exercise take us through the 8 Moon (Lunar) Phases. I didn’t mention this in the video other than taking you through the areas, but here it is in more detail.

On the Inhale we go through the Waxing Moon Phase; from the New Moon (crown of the head), to the third eye (waxing crescent), to the roof of your palate (half moon, first quarter), through the throat (waxing gibbous), to the heart (full moon).

We retain the breath at the heart to pause and take in the fullness. Then we exhale and reverse the process back to the new moon, which is the Waning Moon Phase.

We exhale from the heart (full moon), through the throat (waning gibbous), to the roof of the palate (half moon, third quarter), to the third eye (waning crescent) and back to the crown of the head (new moon).

I hope you find this Full Moon Meditation helpful in some way. I would love to hear about your experiences.

Much love and light,
from me to you,
A 🙂

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