Monday Mantra Mudra Meditation (MoMaMuMe) #5


In this MoMaMuMe #5 i offer you a Ganesha Mudra with a written meditation.

Want to remove a few obstacles that you feel are in your way? Then, Ganesha is the “guy” to call in.

Ganesha is the Hindu elephant God/Deity (see photo below). He is the remover of obstacles, the God of commerce, prosperity and good luck. Ganesha, i would argue, is one of the most popular Deities. I think it’s a lot because he looks so sweet and non-threatening. He is half human, half elephant and has a big belly which symbolises the hunger for knowledge, appetite for the truth and the fulfillment of worldly pleasures.


(illustration found on Pinterest)

You don’t have to be a Hindu to integrate Ganesha into your yoga practice, or to practice the Ganesha Mudra (i am not). It’s the essence of what Ganesha represents that’s of importance here.

Ganesha is a symbol of our own mind.
He assists in removing the mental obstacles within you that is inhibiting you from moving forward.

Say for instance you say to yourself you want to practice yoga, or meditation daily.

What gets in the way of you ending up not practicing daily? You set off to do it, you believed you could, but then you don’t do it. What obstacles are you creating for yourself?

That’s what you can focus on in this Ganesha Mudra Meditation.

Most of the time, we have to get out of our own way.
Most of the time we are the one in the way of our goals and dreams. Would you agree?

I love doing this Ganesha Mudra Meditation in the morning before i even open my eyes and get out of bed because the first conscious breaths we take in the morning are considered Ganesha breaths. I breathe as fully in and as fully out as i can even before i open my eyes.
I go IN. With eyes closed i feel. I connect IN to myself before i turn my attention out into the external world, my family, my breakfast, getting my son ready for school etc.

It helps me connect in to what i need to do that day. It helps me to be clear of whether i have been doing what i’m supposed to be doing. It creates space for me to make a conscious decision to tackle what i need to do and see whether i am fearful, why i am procrastinating. It opens me up to the possibilities within me to do something about it.

If i have been procrastinating i ask myself, why am i procrastinating, what is getting in the way?
If i am not doing what i promised myself i would do, what obstacle am i creating, what is getting in the way?

When i am brave enough to integrate the answer, and take self responsibility (sometimes i’m not) the Ganesha Mudra Meditation almost immediately helps release the obstacle. Almost immediately i feel i have created space for the work to get done.

Because it all happens in the mind. If the mind says yes, it will happen. If the mind says no, it’s not going to happen.

ANYTIME ANYWHERE // You can do this meditation at any time and anywhere (in a bathroom stall is perfect too), but i believe its best to start the day in a way where you set yourself up for the best outcome.

Think about what obstacle you might be experiencing at the moment.
If it feels like you have 10 different ones, pick one for now. You can always integrate the other ones over the next 9 meditations 🙂



Take a look at the photo of me above this text. This is Ganesha Mudra.
Turn your right palm to face out. Turn your left palm to face in.
Clasp your fingers together.
Hold your hands/arms at heart level.


Fully inhale. Fill your lungs up to their fullest capacity.
Fully Exhale. Empty your lungs until they are completely empty.

Every time you exhale draw your navel in, tense your chest and arm muscles and feel as if you are trying to get out of the grip, but you can’t. Stay relaxed in your face, top shoulders neck as you feel the tension. Completely exhale until your lungs are empty while visualising and mentally repeating the obstacle (what’s holding you back).

Then inhale to fill your lungs while releasing the tension. Maintain the clasp.

Repeat this 6 times. For a total of 6 cycles.

When i do this i like to visualise myself exhaling against any resistance i might be feeling at the moment. It helps me to release the tension. I feel myself dissolving it and it opens me up and creates space (just like a forward bend). When i inhale i visualise myself opening myself up to what i am focusing on (writing, finishing something i have been putting off), and the possibilities of exploring/learning something new (just like a backward bend).

Integrate what you are experiencing at the moment and use the Ganesha Mudra Meditation for that.

When you are done; visualise a clear path; visualise openness.
Believe the pathway is clear for you to continue what you want/need to do. Believe that everything will have an outcome that will serve you in the best possible way possible.

There are many factors you can’t control, but be in charge of what you can control. Your thoughts, your actions is always within your control.

Give it a go, and see if/how it can support you. Make it your own. This meditation takes no more than 3 minutes.

Let me know how it goes.

Love, Light & Clear Open Spaces,
Anita Goa 🙂






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