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Hello Dear Goa Flow-ers

I hope this finds you well and that you have been enjoying this series of mantras, mudras and [some] meditations. This will be the last instalment, at least for now. I have had such a fun time sharing this information and i hope you have been able to integrate it into your practice.

Today i share a mudra that has become one of my favourites. It’s called the Hakini Mudra.

If you find your mind is distracted, or find you are lacking brain power, this mudra is great for helping in this department.

Hakini is Sanskrit and means “power” or “rule,” and mudra is an energetic “seal.”

The Hakini mudra refers to harnessing the power of the mind. I started using this mudra when i found myself super distracted, lacking brain power and not able to retain information in the way i used to be able do. 

Hakini Mudra has helped me a lot with concentration. I had read that it helps with balancing the right and left brain hemispheres, and after having used this mudra a while; i am a believer. As a very right brain person, i find it excruciatingly painful to write things in detail and i am convinced this mudra has helped calm my mind so i can access the left side of my brain more to get detail oriented work done. [It’s so much easier for me to say what to do, then to write what to do]. 

It’s super simple to do, and very powerful. You can do it sitting at your desk, standing, or in any yoga pose, like i am doing in the photos.

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  • Bring your finger tips together with a light touch, forming space between your hands (see the photo above).
  • I like to lift my arms up and keep hands at forehead level, lift breast bone and look up toward the mudra. But you can equally keep your hands down with your fingers together, if you need to be more discreet about it.
  • First keep your eyes open and focus your eyes softly into the Hakini mudra. Inhale (completely fill up your lungs) while mentally saying “i am.” Then exhale lungs empty while mentally saying “pure concentration.” Repeat it 3-10x (as many times as you need to feel it in your being and truly believe it.)
  • Then close your eyes. Let what you just said sink in and feel the power/energy of the Hakini mudra and your words
  • With your eyes closed; draw your attention to your third eye, Ajna Chakra (the space between your eyebrows); the centre for intuition and inner knowing. Inhale as fully as possible while mentally saying “i am calm.” Then exhale completely while mentally repeating “i trust my mental power.” Repeat it 3-10x (as many times as you need to really feel it in your being and truly believe it)
  •  Release your arms and let them rest at the side of your body, if you are standing, or on your thighs, if you are seated and let the words you just said sink in to your entire being, while you are breathing in and out as fully and calmly as you can.

Then open your eyes, and notice the difference. Let me know how it feels and how it helps.

It takes no more than 3-5 minutes to do, depending on how many cycles you do.

Cheers to pure concentration and mental power and following your intuition.

I hope this serves you in the best possible way.

Love & Light,
Anita Goa 🙂

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  • Amy Cap
    Posted at 01:12h, 14 June Reply

    Grateful for the wisdom and creativity I have gained from this series. Thank you ☆☆☆

    • Anita Goa
      Posted at 08:35h, 16 June Reply

      So good to hear, Amy. Thank you for suggesting it. It will continue and be covered in the Moon Phase Yoga book and other flows to make it more use-friendly. But right now i have to finish the book!! xo

  • Sofi Gibson
    Posted at 08:59h, 04 October Reply

    Thank you for this wonderful mudra Anita!! Its really powerful!!

    • Anita Goa
      Posted at 09:34h, 15 October Reply

      It is. Very powerful. Enjoy 🙂

  • Melissa McCool
    Posted at 14:23h, 07 November Reply

    I’m becoming more interested in understanding mudras as I have seen them work. This one is very helpful with my work (writing). I definitely can “feel” how mudras create energetic seals. I can have a hard time containing my energy and this helps.

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