half moon balance flow

Hello Dear Goa Flow-er(s)

Yoga to me, is about finding [and maintaining] a sense of balance [or equilibrium], physically, emotionally and mentally. All of my Goa Flow’s aspire to help you gain balance via different avenues, or roads. Just like there are different roads that will lead you to Rome, there are many different roads that can lead you to balance.

This week we focus on balance with a letting go/surrendering theme to it. Sometimes we have to release and let go of stuff in order to find a balance. This is what i focus on in the waning phase of the Lunar Cycle (the two weeks after Full Moon), and other times we need to integrate or bring stuff in, in order to find balance; which is what i focus on during the waxing phase of the Lunar Cycle (the two weeks after New Moon).

Balance is never static. In one moment you might feel you have it, in another moment not at all. You can still be balancing while wobbling, or having a lot of to do.
The key is to find your centre point, or your support system so you can swing and sway and move according to where your balance might be at the moment.

Strength is important, but flexibility is equally important. A huge part of being flexible is recognising what you need to do and allowing yourself to do it; or to try out something new, and it might just be a tiny adjustment that helps the parts form a connected whole.

This balance flow is also inspired by one of the first Goa Flows i offered on my YouTube channel. You can find it here. I filmed it outside in Downtown Brooklyn where i lived at the time. I practiced to it (to myself!) the other day and i noticed how fast i was moving back then. OMG, it’s horrible (to be honest), and so out of sync. I feel embarrassed, and i want to delete the video, but i haven’t as it’s important i learn from my past and don’t erase it.
It’s a good reminder for me how much i’ve grown and learned about film, audio and offering flows since then, PLUS it made me recognise how much i have slowed down and found a better balance since moving to London.

We live and we learn, and we have to have compassion toward ourselves.
As Maya Angelou used to say: When you know better, you do better.

This Balance Flow feels more …. balanced. ha ha ha. It moves with the breath and flows, and it’s all in sync. No rushing. At least i hope so. You let me know.

Stay with your breath. Exhale what you don’t need to create space for what needs to be there instead.

Enjoy. Let me know how it feels.

Love, Light & Moon Magic,
Anita Goa 🙂

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