Only once was i injured in my yoga practice, when a [famous male] Ashtanga Teacher pushed me too far into Standing Half-bound Lotus forward bend (Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana). After the extra push i jumped back into Chaturanga (in the half lotus) and i felt a pop in my knee. It’s a long time ago. I rested, iced it and because i was much younger and very fit; i healed quickly from it.

I didn’t injure my hamstring in yoga or from my yoga practice this time. I pulled my proximal hamstring attachment (below the butt) playing football with my 9 year old son, Lars. Ouch. It was painful and horrible. I was super worried it would take me a long time to heal, although i am still fit; i am much older now and we tend to heal slower as we get older. I knew i had to be cautious and do the right thing, so i pulled together all of my knowledge and put it to work for myself. I am so glad i did. I healed it in 6 weeks.
Being fit and healthy is always key when we get injured. I truly believe we heal faster.

I know my body very well. I am also very knowledgeable about anatomy and physical healing in general from being a yoga and fitness trainer for a long time. I felt confident that i would be able to do it on my own, but i was completely willing to see a Physical Therapist (PT) if it wasn’t working after 6 weeks.

I regret i didn’t mention this in the video; Please make sure you always check in with a PT if you have injured yourself, especially if you don’t know what to do, or if you are not improving from what you are doing. You can’t always rely on the information you get from the internet!.

In the YouTube video below i share the steps i took in healing myself. I believe it can be helpful for anyone to know, even if you are not injured, keep this in mind.

Here are the steps i took. Very basic but super profound. I go more in detail into each in the video.

  1. R.I.C.E (Res, Ice, Compression, Elevation.
  2. Foam Roller & Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls (see foam rolling routine below)
  3. No Hamstring Stretching at all!!
  4. Backward Bending and Strengthening exercises
  5. Patience & Trust

I hope this information can be of help and value to you. Please share it with anyone you know is struggling with a hamstring injury.

I also offer the Foam Rolling Routine i did to help heal my hamstring injury.

The foam roller i use is from the MELT METHOD created by Sue Hitzman (an old friend of mine from NY). I am not trained in the Melt Method or teaching you the Melt Method. (I probably will get trained in the method, as i like and respect it a lot). I am simply using a roller from the method and created the routine for myself as i was healing. I personally love the soft foam roller more than the hard foam roller, it gives me more relief.

The Yoga Tune Up Therapy Ball is from the YOGA TUNE UP METHOD, created my Jill Miller.
Jill is also an old friend of mine and a fantastic teacher that i have studied a lot with over the years.

Below you will find the routine i did and created.
Give it a try and see if it can be as helpful to you as it was for me.

Let me know if you have a question. Feel free to leave it (or a comment) below this post or under the YouTube. I read everything i get.

Happy Healing to you.

Anita Goa

  • Kathy Tibbetts
    Posted at 23:28h, 24 June Reply

    Thank you so much Anita for this video. I am suffering from a hamstring injury as a result of a slip and fall, where my left leg went straight out in front of me, It is very painful, I have iced and rested for 3 days now. I would like to know the most comfortable way I can sit in my car, as I have to make a trip for a family emergency which will be about 3 to 4 hours.


    • Anita Goa
      Posted at 10:14h, 25 June Reply

      Hello –

      I know that pain, and sitting is not any better. Are you the driver? Or are you the passenger? Or both?

      I would ice it when starting your drive, and bring a pillow/blanket that can help to soften the sit, and maybe even alternate between various pillows/blankets.
      When i sat by the computer/car/restaurant/at home, it helped me to keep the leg that was injured bent (drawn toward me, with foot on the chair). At home i would lie down to avoid sitting because it was too painful to sit.

      I would take ibuprofen (i am not a doctor, do what is right for you), bring ice pack. Ice it when starting the journey/in the car, then ice it a few hours later.

      Is this making sense at all?

      All the best. I feel for you, but you can get out of it with adjusting and finding a way!

      Anita Goa

  • Pat Hanifin
    Posted at 14:23h, 03 November Reply

    Anita. Did you have significant bruising? And did you ice in a specific way? I popped mine on Monday. The bruise runs from my buttocks to my calf. Thanks.

    • Anita Goa
      Posted at 08:59h, 08 December Reply

      no i didn’t have a bruise. i just iced it regularly with an ice pack i bought from boots here in London. like i say in the video i iced it all the time for the first 3-4 weeks. i hope you are feeling better. faster replies are better under video on youtube.

    • Anita Goa
      Posted at 12:38h, 19 April Reply

      Sorry this took so long. I don’t think i answered your question. It’s best to ask me questions under the YouTube video if that is where you found it? I hope you are feeling better.
      I did not ice in a specific way. I kept it on for 15-20 minutes and iced 4-5x a day for weeks like i said in the video.

  • Paras malhotra
    Posted at 18:00h, 25 December Reply

    This seems helpful & I will try . however I feel pain in my hamstring when I am sitting in sukh Adan for meditation for more than 45 mins. Now I need to sit in this position for 3 or more hours. How do I sit for long without pain.
    Pls help.

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