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Monday Mantra Mudra Meditation [MoMaMuMe] #6


Life is inexplicably beautiful, but can also feel hopelessly dark.
If you discover your inner lotus flower you will always flow through life radiantly bright.
Don’t give up practicing because its all there within you.

In this MoMaMuMe #6 i share a mudra called the Lotus Mudra. The Lotus flower grows through the mud, but comes out on top radiantly clean and shiny.  The lotus flower is a symbol of believing in yourself while you grow through adversity in times of darkness.

The Buddhist often say; No Mud, No Lotus.

The symbol of the lotus flower helped me so much during my years in New York City which often felt like growing out of mud. Truly it was an education in staying strong, believing in myself and believing i would get through any diversity thrown my way. And i did. And i feel i am a better person because of it. Like it’s said: if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

But regardless of where you live in this beautiful world; the human spirit is strong when we allow ourselves to connect in to our own inner power and grow through what we go through.

As part of my Yoga Through the 5 Boroughs of New York City i filmed the Bronx Flow at the New York Botanical Garden.  I didn’t incorporate the Lotus mudra, but I shared a flow that lead to the full expression of the yoga pose (asana) called Lotus pose; or Padmasana, a challenging asana to “get into” and that requires a lot of practice and preparation for the hips.

There is no need to drain the swamp. Let the swamp be. Just practice and stay open to what the swamp (the adversity) is teaching you. Stay connected to your inner strength and believe in yourself. It’s a practice.

A big one.

You can try the Bronx Flow and incorporate the Lotus Mudra. I did incorporate the Lotus Mudra in a recent Gratitude Flow. Links to both videos are below.


HOW IT’S DONE // Take a look at the photo above. My hands are at heart level.
Have you noticed [so far] how many of the mudas are done at heart level? This is another mudra that emanates from the heart. Unconditional love for yourself, no matter what you are going through.

You are trying to create a bud with your hands.
Letting your thumb pads, little finger pads and heel of your hands touch while spreading the rest of your fingers as much as you possibly can imitating a lotus flower (illustration below).

I personally like to look up a little as i do it, and feel as if I’m in a backward bend. To me it symbolises staying open to what i can learn, to what i need to learn and rise up out of the mud (the challenge i am experiencing).
I connect in to my inner sun while visualising myself growing toward the light; the outer sun.
Breathe in fully, breathe out completely. Feel and notice what this might be or mean to you.
Allow your own words to flow from you.

lotus flower image

I hope you enjoyed this Mudra offering. Below you will find the Bronx Flow where you can incorporate this mudra, as well as a Gratitude Flow where i have already incorporated it.

Love and Light,
Anita Goa 🙂



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  • Sandy Navalta
    Posted at 18:25h, 30 January Reply

    I’m curious about the quote, “Life is inexplicably beautiful and hopelessly dark.” Who is the author of it?

    • Anita Goa
      Posted at 08:20h, 31 January Reply

      i had it written down in my notebook with my lotus notes. i didn’t write down where i got it from, but did a quick google search now to see if i could trace back to it and now i remember i saw it on a zara t-shirt. this re-inforces to me i need to get better at writing the details. thanks for the reinforcement!

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