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Monday Mantra Mudra Meditation #6


“Imagine all the people living life in peace”
{Imagine by John Lennon}

Over the next few weeks i’ll share a couple of Peace Mantra Chants with you that i use in my classes, but before we get to them i wanted to share with you what the Peace Mantra, Shanti means to give you a bit more context, and how it all works with AUM and the Mudra Atmanjali/Anjali Mudra, which i covered a few Mondays ago.

Peace in Sanskrit means Shanti and we use this word as a mantra as well as a chant together with AUM. Consciously chanting Shanti helps promote happiness, harmony, peace of mind and can create a peaceful atmosphere. Before we can wish for world peace let’s practice finding peace within ourselves and our immediate environment.

Transliteration of śāntiḥ = shhh-aun-tea

ś (shhh, as in be quiet)
ānt (as in your aunt, but silent t)
tiḥ (as in tea, with emphasis on t)

Like Aum; Shanti is chanted 3 times. The reason it’s chanted three times is to calm the mind and to assist in bringing peace to the following three areas:

  1. Physical Peace // The first Shanti assists in purifying the body
  2. Mental/Spiritual Peace // The second Shanti assists in purifying the mind/soul, our internal environment
  3. External Peace // The third Shanti assist in purifying our relationship with our external world.


A super simple but super powerful chant is to combine Anjali/Atmanjali Mudra, AUM and Shanti. You can begin a practice this way, and/or end a practice this way:

auṃ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ auṃ

If you are a yoga teacher who wants to introduce chanting to your classes; start with Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti Aum, and Atmanjali/Anjali Mudra. Explain the meaning of each of them and your students will love you for it. It adds a deeper dimension to a yoga practice. Everyone wants peace within themselves and everyone wants peace within the world.

Shanti Chants are found in the Upanishads and the Vedas. There are many different ones and over the next few weeks i’ll share with you the ones i use.

Until then, enjoy your Om Shanti Mantra chanting. Let me know how it goes and if this added some context to your chanting if you are already doing it 🙂

Love, Light & Eternal Peace,
Anita Goa






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