too much of even a good thing can often times end up being not-so-good for us. like too many vinyasas of planks, chaturangas, up dogs and down dogs. it’s important to balance out your yoga practice and practice sequences that work your skeletal muscles in different ways.

often times we are reminded when we have done a bit too much of what we thought was a good thing. if that is the case for you and you are feeling your wrists are sore constantly; try this WRIST FRIENDLY YOGA FLOW. it might just come in handy. pun intended, ha ha ha.

even if you don’t have compromised wrists; give this routine a go{a} and let me know how it feels. personally i loved it. and was pleasantly surprised, the next day to feel some muscles i had not felt in a while. let me know if this happens to you too and what you learn from taking the pressure off your arms to put it someplace else. happy practice 🙂

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