Yoga Practices To Support You Through Covid19


Dear Goa Flow-ers

We’re in stressful times with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is challenging us on many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and economically. Although it’s hard, it’s important we take care of ourselves (the best we can) during these times. The experts say it’s going to be with us for a while so we need to believe we will get through this!. We will – with patience, strength, flexibility, stamina and lots of compassion.

I put together 21 yoga practices in an effort to support you. The theme of these practices is to ground, centre in and tap into your inner resources of strength. I hope it can help. The good thing is these practices can be done anytime and in the comfort of your own home.

If you want me to create another list with more movement involved let me know, i have a vast library of practices to choose from, and if there is other type of practices you’d like to see from me during these challenging times, please let me know. Anything beyond flows, as i’m still healing from a herniated L4 disk.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a virtual hug and encouragement should you find it hard to cope, in any way. OK? We are all in the same boat and we all need each other during this time.

Much love,
Anita Goa 🙏ૐ💖


Side bending and twisting
I always find that side bending and twists give me space and room to breathe and think when i go through challenging times.

Restorative is important for our nervous system and immune system during times of stress

You might not have a cold, or the coronavirus, but this is a great restorative practice that targets the respiratory system

More side bending

… and more sidebending 🙂 

Headstand can feel calming and help give a different perspective. Here are two practices that take you through learning headstand step by step. Pause where you feel comfortable, do not force yourself to do this asana if it’s not right for you. 

This is a grounding and uplifting restorative practice with my friend Anna Taylor

This one is amazing for neck tension relief. You need a soft foam roller

This one is amazing for upper back release. You need a foam roller.

This one includes a foam roller but if you don’t have one i share a substitute

Upper body stretch

This one was made for winter solstice, but can be used anytime. A bit of flow and a bit of restore. 

The title is mental fatigue, but also great for physical or emotional fatigue

This is a standing, grounding, little flow kind of practice for balance, hips and hamstrings

In times of hardship remember to integrate gratitude

Grounding slow flow for physical wellBEing 

Grounding slow flow for emotional wellBEing

Grounding slow flow for shining your brightest light (might not be so easy to see how this is possible right now, but be open to the possibility 🙂 

If your back is tired and needs to be soothed, this is a wonderful practice

  • Leah & Trevor
    Posted at 23:27h, 08 April Reply

    We’ve been doing The Believe in the Day morning yoga video each day before starting our work from home. Thanks so much for such a nice start to the day and great 30 mins to get rid of the stiffness/stress during these challenging times.

    Leah & Trevor Ottawa, Canada

    • Anita Goa
      Posted at 09:51h, 27 May Reply

      That is a wonderful practice and great way to start a day, especially during challenging times like these. I hope it’s been helpful. Take good care of yourselves

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